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Episode 34: Stitch & Bitch 2 Featuring Claire Gabereau

Inspired by a handful of great emails we’ve received in the last little while, we decided to go back to one of our most fun episodes to record – a good old fashioned stitch and bitch. We invited our former classmate and local costumer/performer/Technical Developer/super rad lady Claire Gabereau to join in the sesh and boy, does it get giggly.


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Buckle up, Hags!
We are much excite.


Evan has been regaling us with stories of a new puppy – yes please always – and Abby, despite being a full time Mom of two babes, has outdone the rest of us with perfect nails, just like in school. Infuriating.


The Ducharme Family’s new puppy, Libby.

Katie and Abby went to a sports – a hockey, to be exact – and it was very out of character but super fun. One of the teams won the sports and a good time was had by all.


Claire has been rehearsing for an upcoming dance performance as part of an art show called Ciliate 9. Check out the facebook event and go support local artists/musicians, performers!


Claire works for a local based global company essentially as a garment nerd. It is so great that she/we have been able to find work that is rewarding as it is not always easy to find work in fashion at all, let alone something you actually enjoy.
It is also worth mentioning that you finishing school does not mean you actually know anything. The amount there is left to learn is  much much much vaster than what you see in school. So exciting!

Internships are often a part of the fashion education but not always. The expectation that you work for free is almost always part of an internship.



Commercial fabric cutting (with chain mail glove included) is fucking terrifying:



Katie is obsessed with a cute foxy fabric and the making of a cute summer skirt (with pockets!)


Evan has been obsessed with the spooky scary podcast Lore and has blasted through most of the episodes this week:


Abby has been playing Lindsay Lohan’s Rumors on repeat for some reason and now you can too:

Claire is obsessed with a new wig and frankly we are all shocked that it took this long.


Thank-you all so much for listening and reaching out! We love that shit so much and it makes us feel so warm and fuzzy and fabulous.

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