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Episode 33: Fashion For Good, Not Evil

It’s the season of love and the Hags are looking for good things to love in Fashion. And guess what? Despite the turmoil the world seems to be in these days, we managed to find some! Time for a chit chat on a handful of fashion companies that are using their powers for good rather than evil – can it be true?! It can and it is, Hags. Give it a listen, mmk?


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Before getting into the fun stuff, Abby enlightens us about a major Mothering win – pulling off the impossible task of getting a toddler, an infant, and a caught-off-guard Mom to a birthday party in 15 minutes. Not all the boxes were checked but it was good enough. Who needs a bra anyway.

Katie went 5-pin bowling and it was a goddamn riot. Turns out it is not just for children despite the size of the balls.

Evan has been really enjoying the Metis dancing he’s signed up for – is there a downside to connecting to your roots while shaking your ass in a effectual way at the same time? No there is not.


That’s Evan in the skirt, obvs.

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Fashion for good, not evil – how it is possible? It’s a worldwide industry that is massively exploitative and polluting across most brands so it’s hard to find big companies to feel good about. But it turns out there are a few and they are worth a full podcast of discussion because we should all be paying more attention.

Katie’s example is Patagonia – a leader in the outdoor lifestyle industry – who recently pulled out of the Outdoor Retailers show in Salt Lake City, Utah as a protest against the Utah government’s land protection (or lack thereof) policy regarding the Bears Ears National Monument.


The initial article from Teton Gravity is here; the Guardian articles are here and here. Read them and read some more and then some more. A google search with a pile of info is easy to find (here’s one) so let us know what you think about this kind of action to get some shit done.


Here’s Obama kitesurfing for some feel goods. God damn he will be missed.



Abby enlightens the Hags about some cool shit H&M are doing to triumph over evil (and the bottom line, lets be real). The Conscious Collection was a good first step for the company but they are working to turn those little steps into bigger steps forward, primarily in Myanmar. Read about it here.


It is a bummer that H&M has been embarrassed before for the low ages of workers in their factories in Myanmar, but, they are trying to end the days of the $5 t-shirt (hopefully…) and it has to start somewhere. (Links are to the same article.)
They are also employing Syrian refugees in Turkey (which, as it turns out, may be not such a good thing? Employing people in need is a good thing but employing children in need is maybe not so good…)

Also, if you aren’t already, listen to Retail Nightmares because it is hilarious and delightful and weird and just so great.



Evan tells us about some cool shit that Opening Ceremony is doing in light of the batshit craziness that is the Muslim ban in the US. As immigrants themselves, its designers are donation 100% of their profits from their Action capsule collection to the ACLU. Say what?!

It’s pretty cool to see a cool,  young, hip company like Opening Ceremony step up to the powers that be and raise some shit up when they see a need for it. Plus, the prices are decent enough that these pieces will sell and generate some real funds for the ACLU.


Evan is obsessed with The Young Pope and Jude Law in particular for his Hannibal-esque performance.


The Papal Tiara, btw:



Katie is obsessed with The OA on Netflix because it is storytelling done right and hella weird at the same time:


Abby is obsessed with Iris Van Herpen’s couture show because she is also weird as shit and infinitely creative:


PS – the M2M video of the show is here so watch it now and then watch all the other Iris Van Herpen videos because she is a wizard.
The Queens of Couture documentary is also worth a watch (or rewatch) on M2M too.


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