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Episode 32: Vintage Clothing

Oh hi hello! We are here to kiki about vintage clothes and why people care about your Grandma’s old sweaters and your Aunt’s weird coat from college. (Short answer: because it maybe is cooler than whatever you’re going to find at H&M today and no one else will have it.)


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Ok, now that that’s taken care of, we’ll get into the tea chatting about the Women’s March that Katie attended and how rad it felt to be part of something BIG. Thanks to all the ladies and men (and dogs) who marched and here’s hoping the momentum continues.

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Evan has been working working working on his newest collection for Evan Ducharme Collection. It’s an all-consuming job when you’re a control freak.

Abby finally found all her pre-pregnancy pants and has been slowly reincorporating them back into the rotation. It’s a work in progress. But more important, Abby got the new Fenty Puma’s in the dark grey velvet and hasn’t taken them off since she ripped them out of the box.



So, what’s up with vintage? Aside from being a cool way to develop a unique style, recycle and reuse old clothes, buying vintage clothes lets you see fashion history right in front of you on the racks.


Used House of Vintage – Vancouver

So what is vintage? Aside from being at least 20 years old, it has to have some kind of appeal.
Dead stock is a term that applies to garments that are vintage and unworn. They were made many years prior but still (usually) have tags on because they were never released or never purchased.
Pickers are people who go rifle through second hand stores and estate sales and buy the good stuff. It is measured by weight, not style, size, or quantity. Katie’s dream job, basically.


RIP True Value Vintage (Robson location)

Katie’s Mallard sweater from True Value is still a major player in her wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 3.44.39 PM.png

Well made, good quality materials of previous generations last a long time. In today’s landscape of fast fashion, the future of vintage clothes will be in higher end brands that will likely still be unaffordable for most of us (sad face).

Denim, fur, leather jackets, and Cowichan style sweaters are always popular items in vintage markets, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Natural fibres are always a good find and will last a long time if they are taken care of. Give etsy or ebay a quick search for vintage items like this and spend the afternoon swooning.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 3.53.48 PM.png

High-waisted palazzo pants are always a good idea.


Evan’s favourite vintage item is a gorgeous Burberry trench that is as good as new after a quick dry clean.


Abby is not a huge vintage shopper but her favourite vintage buy is a gold dress not unlike the 60’s Ronettes style:


Katie has too many faves to name – if you see her on the street, chances are she’s wearing one of them, including this go-to navy cardigan.


If you want to go time travelling, head to your nearest vintage store and go back in time – it is so much fun even if you don’t find anything wearable. Just try on some crazy disco jumpsuit and have a new respect for your parent’s generation.

Do you have any favourite vintage items? Share them on our FB/instagram! We love that shit.


Katie is obsessed with her new pair of (surprise surprise) high-waisted navy wide legs pants from Oak and Fort, a great local brand that desperately needs mirrors in the change rooms:


Evan has been obsessed with his instagram for the Evan Ducharme Collection (including a bunch of hints about upcoming pieces….)
If you aren’t following his brand instagram, you are doing it wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.13.10 PM.png

Abby is obsessed with the new Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events with Neil Patrick Harris:

Thanks for listening!

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