Meet The Hags

Abby, Evan and Katie met at Fashion Design school in Vancouver, BC and became fast friends after terrifying run-in with a spider. Throughout school, their friendship grew out of a mutual love of Wunderbars, margaritas, sewing, and fine fabrics as well as a hate for margarita hangovers, and sewing fine fabrics. They still love Wunderbars. As self-proclaimed fashion hags, they decided to start a podcast about their love/hate relationship for all things fashion and about a year and a half later they actually did it.

All the Hags currently work in the local Vancouver fashion industry in various roles.

Evan Ducharme’s made-to-measure collection can be found at

Katie Garnham’s personal blog can be found at

Abby Shumka can be found on her inspiring Instagram @abbyshumka as well as a guest of a variety of Maximum Fun podcasts.

Social Media:
Twitter @fashionhagspod
Facebook at Fashion Hags Podcast

Got an idea for an episode?
Want to tell us how great we are? Email us at, we love hearing from you. Nice stuff only please, no D-bags.

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