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Episode 82: Getting Ready for the MET Gala 2019 Notes On Camp

It’s just about time for the annual MET Gala and we are ready to dish. This year’s theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion, based on Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay Notes on Camp (which can and should be read here). It is such a fun theme that is almost impossible to get wrong, although we are pretty sure there will be people that will, which is one of the reasons we are excited to see it all unfold. Plus, we swoon over Beyonce’s Homecoming and the usual nonsense. Put on a pink feathered gown and come join!

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Obsessions, of course.

Evan is obsessed with a recent symposium he attended at the grunt gallery called Together Apart: Queer Indigeneities that featured a smattering of 2SQ/Indigiqueer folks holding space and conversing about identity, community, creativity, art, and celebration thereof. For more info on the symposium (and other exhibitions), check out the grunt gallery.


Abby is obsessed with instagram celeb Bretman Rock, for obvious reasons:

Follow @bretmanrock for more of this delightful goodness.

Katie is obsessed with a podcast called Ologies hosted by the terrific Alie Ward who is just such a treat. Each episode dives into a new ology, making closeted nerds rejoice at all the weird and gross facts that Alie does not shy away from, even celebrates. Feel free to just search out the ones that are interesting (although all of them are) and get informed on the likes of scorpions and tortoises and snow and personalities and cocktails and cats, etc, etc.



Well that’s it, we did it again. Please let us know your thoughts on the upcoming MET gala and follow us in all the places.

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