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Episode 85: Think The World Differently with Jess Montgomery

Do you ever think about the impact our clothes-buying has on the world? On our culture? On each other? Maybe not. But our guest Jess Montgomery sure has. And lucky for us (and you!) she took some time to come over to the hot hot basement and chat with us about these impacts, how to train yourself to buy things differently, and her project Think The World Differently. It turns out she’s not just super knowledgable and passionate, she’s also an absolute delight to talk to. Give it a listen, you’ll see.

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Oh, and Jess’s badass TED Talk? Here’s the link:


For more info on Jess’s work, check out her website thinktheworlddifferently.com to get some more info and resources about how to curb overconsumption in your own daily life. If everyone started thinking differently, we could make a massive difference!

Ok, ok, time to obsess. Katie is obsessed with her new wireless headphones-in-a-headband called Sleepphones because sleeping is hard and so are earbuds. These are the solution to both problems.


Evan is obsessed with a new podcast called This Land – an eight-part series that looks at a 1999 murder trial and how it takes a Cherokee land treaty deal in Oklahoma all the way to the Supreme Court. Get it at Crooked Media and wherever you get your podcasts.


Jess is obsessed with an upcoming trip to Thailand – a first for her! Very exciting, too bad tourists ruined all the best beaches. Sorry Jess!


Abby is obsessed with a couple things, including an HBO doc called Wig about the drag festival Wigstock. You had us at ‘wig’.

She is also obsessed with finding the perfect deodorant because it’s summer and it is an almost impossible task. Keep us all posted on your pits, girl.Image result for sniffing armpits gif

Well that’s it for another episode! Thanks so much to Jess for coming in for a truly great chat and make sure to check out the amazing work she is doing at thinktheworlddifferently.com.

And of course thanks to you for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review – it really helps the podcast grow and we really just love it.

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Ya girl.


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