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Episode 86: Sustainability Pact at G7 and How France Wants Fashion to Get it Together

Big news! We are still alive and still love you and fashion and podcasts.
In other news, French President Emmanuel Macron has requested that the fashion industry get its shit together in terms of sustainability and other “initiatives.” So Mr. Salma Hayek himself, Francois-Henri Pinault (of fashion conglomerate Kering) has spearheaded a “Sustainability Pact”  for members of large fashion companies like H&M, Chanel, Prada, etc to present to members of the G7.

So wtf does that mean? To us, a whole lot of not much yet. Want to hear us get into it as well as a bunch of other highly important topics (ie: summer, moths), get on it!

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Some articles we reference on this episode about the Fashion Pact and the G7 Summit:

Business of Fashion 


The Fashion Law


Don’t think we didn’t take some time to obsess, because doggone it, we did. Evan is obsessed with The Last Czars documentary on Netflix, which seems like a good way to deal with a rainy summer day.

Abby is obsessed with house plants because she is a grown-ass woman and plants are beautiful (especially when you can learn how to keep them alive).


this gorgeous illustration is by artist Laura Garcia Serventi as part of her Garden series. Her etsy shop is found here and her insta is @art_n_people (check it out, her work is beautiful!)

In addition to house plants, Abby has also discovered the joys of the Chonky Cats Facebook group. These kitties are thicc and people are really going bananas for it. It is truly a timeless kind of joy. if you’re on facebook – check it out! THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y 

Speaking of bananas, Katie is obsessed with the truly incredible twitter thread @AITA_reddit which scans the reddit forum of the same name and asks the age-old question Am I The Asshole. Some incredible examples of these very specific snap-judge-first-then-read-the-insane-details queries are:

Give yourself a bit of time to get through this upsetting glimpse at humanity.

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