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Episode 31: Models and Modelling and Things Like That

Guess what, hunnies! We have a new episode and a new Hag! Our first guest of 2017 is only a few weeks old but she’s got some strong feelings so far. You’ll hear some of them on this episode, where we chit chat about our favourite Models and some other tangential nonsense.


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Jumping right in, our episode was inspired by the new iteration of America’s Next Top model which has been on repeat on Abby’s tv.


The new faces of ANTM: Panelist and Paper editor Drew Elliot, ANTM’s new host Rita Ora, Stylist Law Roach, and model Ashley Graham

Modelling, as with all things in fashion, shifts and changes with the trends of the industry. Some of us (Evan and Abby) are better than others (Katie) when it comes to models and the whole modelling thing so we’ll do our best to keep on track (mostly).

One thing we can all agree on: Dovima is a glamorous badass who we can all appreciate.


And that Veruschka is an amazonian goddess:


China Machado broke the mold for non white models with the help of Richard Avedon. Sadly, she passed away in December but we will always have her on Google Images!


Fei Fei Sun as China Machado for Vogue Italia:


Modelling can be a weird and icky-feeling thing to talk about which is partly why Katie doesn’t invest a lot of time paying attention to modelling (and because the clothes always take precedence because fashion). It is important to be diverse and respectful when choosing models but unfortunately, lots of times it isn’t done particularly well when it comes to filling a runway with people who are not only white. It’s a bummer and it should stop, okay?

Models these days have to be a double threat – be able to work on the runway as well as in editorial shoots. Katie’s faves are the group of girls who earned the Supermodel moniker back in the 90’s because they had personality, a more athletic body type, and were badass.

Case in point: George Michael’s video for Freedom:



If you don’t already know this,  you are probably doing it wrong, but L to R Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford

Shalom Harlow is another 90’s favourite:


Shalom Harlow closing Alexander McQueen’s 1999 show:

Speaking of the 90’s, the whole heroin chic thing was pretty gross:


But we did get Tyra out of the deal, and she’s a patron saint of Hag:

Stella Tennant is another great product of the 90’s and she’s still killing it:



Getting into more recent era of modelling, Natalia Vodianova is a model that not only kills it on the runway and on the glossy pages, she is also a philanthropic badass:


Petra Nomcova survived terrible tragedy during the tsunami that struck Thailand in 2004 by hanging on to a palm tree for 8 hours. She’s also a pretty good model I suppose.


Jessica Stam is a well known (although not to Katie) Canadian model who has had a Marc Jacobs bag named after her that no one can afford:


the stam.png


This paparazzi shot seems like the right image to post for Bella Hadid:


Ho hum, we are all a bit tired of the white girls who dominate the field these days. It’s time for everyone to get their shit together and get some colour out there. The industry has to do better at representing diversity despite the many attempts that are made to blow that whistle every fashion week. Do better, you fabulous jerks, you have to.


Abby has burned through Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath (which is on youtube, hunnies!) and it is a doozy:


Katie is obsessed with a new recipe for Caesars that, in the place of Dill infused vodka (which is hard to find but delicious), use the leftover pickle juice from that jar of pickles you have in the back of you fridge and freeze it into ice cubes – BAM – it is a game changer.


Evan is obsessed with a series called UNHhhh and it is hysterical. Here’s a taste:

Thanks for listening, all you Hags!

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OK bye!


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