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Episode 30: Fashion Rules and Other Judgmental Nonsense

Happy New Year, Hags! And goodbye to 2016, may she rest in peace. Thanks for your patience on the lateness of our release but Abby had a friggin’ baby which really cramped our schedule. It won’t happen again. Probably.


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This week we are chatting about fashion rules and when to break them but mostly a meandering chit chat about looking good, feeling good, and some straight up judgments about what people are wearing these days. Give us a listen, yes?

To kick off with a kiki, Abby went to a local Christmas market with a light maze and was reminded how to wear clothes that are appropriate for winter, a doi oi.


How to dress for winter.

Katie shares a hilarious story about a broken horn, a truck being stolen (maybe?) and a Christmas miracle.

Evan went back to his love of dance and started taking Metis dance lessons again.


Let’s get into the fun stuff – rules of dress.
Fashion rules have a lot to do with context. Lots of rules of dress and dress codes are thanks to a fun patriarchal system that we live in.

Image result for veep gif abortion atm

Plus this rad company out of the UK called Boss wanted their male employees to understand what it is like for women with large breasts to just get through a day:


Katie outlines her Top Five Rules of dressing:

1. Always accessories.
2. Focus on fit and quality FIRST. This is the hardest one.
3. Wear proper underwear.
4. Don’t be afraid of colour.
5. Focus more on how you feel in your clothes, not how look in  your clothes.

Abby’s Christmas photo that caused such a headache as these things always seem to.

There are so many rules that we love to break and love to follow (and love to judge people on) such as wearing leggings as pants, revealing crotches, wearing white shoes, wearing flip flops, mixing black and navy, wearing brown in general, etc. What are some of your own rules?


Evan is obsessed with the new film Jackie which looks amazing:

Abby is obsessed with Textillia, a similar website to Ravelry. It is an online community for sewing that lets users share their projects and foster connections with other like minded users. Find them on facebook and instagram too!

Katie is obsessed with Netflix show Please Like Me because it is delightful and funny and honest and just so great:


Thanks for listening!

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.



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