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Episode 40: Sewing Wins and Woes

First of all, THANK-YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED A SHIRT YOU GUYS ARE DOPE AS SHIT AND WE LOVE YOU DEARLY. We could not be more excited about it and we have the best fans in the universe.

Don’t forget there is only one way to wear it: HOWEVER THE HELL YOU WANT.


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This episode is all about sewing and the love/hate relationship we have with it (and we suspect all sewers have as well). But before we get into it, Abby as really been keen on Margot’s personal style choices lately and we must agree (partly because those boots are directly from our youth):

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.03 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.38.58 PM

Evan has been dancing with a local Metis dance company and invited some pals out to participate in a fundraiser. It basically turned into a Metis kitchen party complete with a fiddle player and old songs from way back when.

Katie got a brand new hair cut for the summer but, more importantly, has been making more combs and they are turning out pretty great.


She’s also been swooning over a gorgeous First Nation cedar woven hats like this one by Haida artist and weaver Donna Cranmer (available at I-Hos Gallery):

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.50.30 PM.png

On to the meat of the matter: sewing is the backbone of the fashion industry and gets little attention in the grand scheme of things, especially considering how much there is to know and learn about it. It is a skill that used to be much more prevalent in the common population but has become less and less necessary to learn in the days of fast fashion.

In fashion school, all the Hags had to make a bunch of garments to learn specific skills and patterns, including this hideous vest, not for human consumption:


A basic diagram of knits versus wovens (very basic – there are tonnes of variations of both):


A sewing ham (or tailors ham) and sleeve ham (or banana ham as Katie calls it):


A fashion student’s best friend: seam ripper


Any great tips or sewing woes? Please feel free to comment below!


Evan is obsessed with three things this week but we’ll allow it. He’s getting to know his indigenous background more thoroughly and has been listening to a trifecta of podcasts:
Ryan McMan’s Red Man LaughingMedia Indigena, and Skoden Chronicles.
If you are interested in indigenous cultures and Canadian indigenous history, give these a listen!

Abby has been obsessed with The Dressmaker:


Katie is obsessed with finding the perfect Spring jacket. It’s hard to pin down, it doesn’t have a specific shape or style or colour, but it is out there and it will be found. It isn’t any of these google images, that’s for sure.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 8.14.00 PM.png

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Ok bye.


Podcast Episodes

Episode 34: Stitch & Bitch 2 Featuring Claire Gabereau

Inspired by a handful of great emails we’ve received in the last little while, we decided to go back to one of our most fun episodes to record – a good old fashioned stitch and bitch. We invited our former classmate and local costumer/performer/Technical Developer/super rad lady Claire Gabereau to join in the sesh and boy, does it get giggly.



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Buckle up, Hags!
We are much excite.


Evan has been regaling us with stories of a new puppy – yes please always – and Abby, despite being a full time Mom of two babes, has outdone the rest of us with perfect nails, just like in school. Infuriating.


The Ducharme Family’s new puppy, Libby.

Katie and Abby went to a sports – a hockey, to be exact – and it was very out of character but super fun. One of the teams won the sports and a good time was had by all.


Claire has been rehearsing for an upcoming dance performance as part of an art show called Ciliate 9. Check out the facebook event and go support local artists/musicians, performers!


Claire works for a local based global company essentially as a garment nerd. It is so great that she/we have been able to find work that is rewarding as it is not always easy to find work in fashion at all, let alone something you actually enjoy.
It is also worth mentioning that you finishing school does not mean you actually know anything. The amount there is left to learn is  much much much vaster than what you see in school. So exciting!

Internships are often a part of the fashion education but not always. The expectation that you work for free is almost always part of an internship.



Commercial fabric cutting (with chain mail glove included) is fucking terrifying:



Katie is obsessed with a cute foxy fabric and the making of a cute summer skirt (with pockets!)


Evan has been obsessed with the spooky scary podcast Lore and has blasted through most of the episodes this week:


Abby has been playing Lindsay Lohan’s Rumors on repeat for some reason and now you can too:

Claire is obsessed with a new wig and frankly we are all shocked that it took this long.


Thank-you all so much for listening and reaching out! We love that shit so much and it makes us feel so warm and fuzzy and fabulous.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 14: Evan’s “Origin” Show and the Design Process

In this episode, the Hags re-hash Evan’s Origin show that he has been working on for months. A bit of a backstage look at the show from conception to completion!


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But first, Abby has been enjoying the warm weather by switching over to the summer wardrobe of cute printed pants and putting away those big winter sweaters that are so last season.BN-DI980_pantsc_GR_20140620143012.jpg

Also, Blizzards.


Katie spiffed up her bike with a long-overdue cleaning and rust removal so she’s ready for all the summer bike rides. Now, with white grips, the colour scheme finally matches so the style factor is at an all-time high.


Evan’s been enjoying a visit with his family from Manitoba who came for his Origin show, hitting up the local tourist spots including Granville Island and the various food choices at the public market. Never an easy decision.


The main event: Evan’s Origin collection shows to a full house!


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Thanks to all our gorgeous guests that waited so patiently for the show. Hope you enjoyed sipping @drinkcocofrio #drinkcocofrio

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Evan’s show was an homage to his Metis heritage. Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Metis people are considered First Nations under the law and are subject to the same rights at Status Indians. (Check out this article for more info.)

Also check out the Red Man Laughing Podcast and subscribe on iTunes!

Canadian listeners will likely be (at least mildly) familiar with the name Louis Riel, a Metis rebel from Manitoba who fought for the rights of the Metis people. For a longwinded and thorough history, check out his biography in the Canadian Encyclopedia.Louis_Riel_Statue.jpg

Or, check out this goofy short video that two kids made for a Social Studies project that pretty well sums it all up.

Big shout out to Joleen Mitton and All My Relations Entertainment for helping with the show, securing models, and promoting Indigenous work in BC!

**We will add the photos and video of the show once they are available! Check back here soon and we’ll keep you posted!**

Evan’s makeshift studio with door-as-table and paint cans:


The design process can be completely crazy and involves all kinds of moving parts. Designs change, fabrics become unavailable or behave differently than you expect, time runs out, as well as many goddamn unforeseen obstacles can come into play during the building of a collection. Sometimes it sucks but we do it in the name of fashion!

One of the inspirations for Evan’s collection was the historical Metis sash:


Some beautiful catwalk images from Ed Ng Photography:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Katie’s snaps story.

And also this documentary about the Met Gala:

Hag Obsessions:

Abby is obsessed with two of her favourite shows: Game of Thrones

and Orphan Black,  both of which have new seasons out and have been distracting her from other, more motherly duties.

Katie is obsessed with two books by Erik Larson: In The Garden of Beasts


and Devil in the White City. 


Both are un-put-down-able. If you like a good non-fiction story, check out his work and maybe cancel all your plans for the next week or so.

Evan, in light of his completed show, is especially obsessed with all the wonderful people in his life that helped put the collection on the runway and kept him fed! What a lucky mother fucker!

Shout out to Ashley, Vee, Jamie, Gigi, David, Hannah, Jared, Shaina, Spider, Pat from SPACE, Eric, Justin, Steven & Zoe for their videography expertise, Julian Briggs for our beautiful catwalk music, and of course The Fashion Hags!


@evanducharmestudio design team turn up.

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.