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Episode 70: Politics, But Make it Fashion

It is hard to ignore all the craziness going on in the world these days and reading the news can be a triggering and harrowing experience for many. So let’s talk about it, but make it fashion!
In this episode, we are spilling some tea on who wore what for what, good or bad (looking at you Melania), and how politics and fashion are so connected. How do people use fashion to their advantage? How do they fuck it up? (Again, Melania…) And what difference does it make? We’ll guide you through a rambling assembly of tirades and do our best to figure it out.


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Of course, a day can’t go by where we aren’t obsessed about something or another and in this case, Evan’s obsession led to the whole episode topic. He’s obsessed with The Man in the High Castle based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel and it is straight up freaky:

Abby is obsessed with CBC podcast Uncover: Escaping Nxivm. It is about a super effed up cult that has close ties to Vancouver and is absolutely addictive. Worth the extra trips around the parking lot to finish each episode.


Katie is obsessed with her new (used) serger she got as a birthday gift. Let the projects begin!


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Bye bye.


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