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Episode 69: Bam Pow Life’s Victoria Welsby

We are so excited to finally have body positivity activist and badass lady Victoria Welsby of Bam Pow Life on super sexy episode 69! Victoria is here to chat about the extreme prevalence of fat shaming, body positivity, social media, clothes for fat girls and a whole bunch of other good stuff, including her brand new book (out Sept 10) called Fierce Fatty. Get it here and get on it!


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First off, we would be remiss if we didn’t include Victoria’s TEDx talk called I Am Fat – How To Be Confident And Love Your Body At Any Size which you can watch below (and should, it’s just great).

Of course, we always have something to obsess over and this episode is no different. Katie is obsessed with Jay Arner’s most delightful remixed Burp Song on Episode 158 of Retail Nightmares. It is the song of the summer and is truly something special.

Evan is obsessed with spooky Neflix show Dark Tourist. It’s not a sunny happy show but yikes, is it a fascinating watch.

Abby is on a bit of a murder spree (not literally) and can’t get enough murdery content. She just read Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone In The Dark about the Golden State Killer and it is hauntingly good.


In addition, the “Charles Manson’s Hollywood” series of podcast You Must Remember This adds another tier of non sleeping this month (but it is really really good if that sort of thing interests you).


As if that wasn’t enough murder, Abby can’t get enough of “Killing Eve” because sleep is wildly overrated.

Victoria came prepared with on obsession as well, and while there was lots of murder talk (including the Winchester Mystery House and the Museum of Death) and the lady-hosted “All Killa No Filla” true crime podcast, what is really knocking about her brain is A&W’s delicious “beyond meat” veggie burger. Safe to say it is worth a try.


Thanks a million zillion to Victoria for joining us! Be sure to check out her website (where you can sign up for her Confidence Warrior Club) at BamPowLife.com. You can also find her online @bampowlife on instagram and twitter and all the other things.

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Thanks for listening! Ok bye.


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