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Episode 68: Favourite Sewing Tools

In this episode, the Hags get down to brass tacks (and scissors) about our favourite sewing tools this week so get ready for some intense rule, stitch ripper and scissor talk, hunnies! There’s nothing we love more than having an epic tool kit and feeling super badass for knowing how to use it!


Katie’s sewing kit in a literal toolbox.

Listen here, dudes and dudettes!



Obsessions! We can’t get through an episode without obsessing. This week, Abby is obsessed with internet dog @lloydantonioo for obvious reasons. Check him out, he’s a total babe.

Evan is obsessed with FX show Pose. It’s basically a fictionalized modern version of Paris is Burning (which if you don’t know, drop everything and go watch it RIGHT NOW).

Katie is obsessed with Netflix stand up comedy special Nanette by Hannah Gadsby. It is funny and lovely and will make you feel all the feels and probably end up sobbing. It should be required viewing for ladies and dudes and women and men and all that is in between.


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Ok bye.


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