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Episode 67: European Correspondent Errbuddy’s Aunt Sheila

Did you know we have far-reaching correspondents in all areas of the world? Well it’s true so don’t bother looking it up. One of our favourite contacts around the world is the fashionable and hilarious Sheila Campbell, aka Aunt Sheila, a Canadian transplant in Sweden (and Abby’s actual aunt). You may know her from her lovely instagram @shelouise or you may know her from other various podcasts or you may not know her at all. Until now. Buckle up, hunnies, we are taking a trip to Sheila’s Europe!


An image made by Gustavus Vasa during his reign showing him (in dark brown clothing and cap) capturing and subduing Catholicism (the lady in orange). From the ‘History of Sweden’ Wikipedia page. Somehow this seemed like the right image.

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Our obsessions this week are pretty various, starting with Katie’s obsession with a new two piece bathing suit from Fenntessa. It’s high waisted and sexy but not too sexy but also still good for swimming but also for being in the sun and eating a full bag of chips and two hot dogs to yourself.


Abby is obsessed with ramen and all the amazing ramen Vancouver has to offer. There are so many places, anyone got a favourite?

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 7.18.08 PM.png

Evan is obsessed with a poem by Maya Angelou called A Brave and Startling Truth. The version below is read by the poet herself and is all the feels.

Sheila is obsessed with a quote by Alexandra von Schwerin after learning about the work she is doing to put women back into the pages of Swedish history. She says, roughly translated from Swedish, “put on your lipstick and don’t take any shit.” We are pretty happy to take that advice!

Make sure to follow Sheila’s instagram @shelouise (as well as her dog Peggy’s instagram @peggydsg because why not) and thanks a million times to Sheila for joining us!

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Ok bye.


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