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Episode 35: Fashion Blogging And Other Digital Delights

This episode started off as a chat about fashion blogging and turned into more of a open ended chat about social media, wigs, and eventually an inadequate dick joke. Kind of like when you go to the grocery store to get eggs and milk and come home with caramel corn, two kinds of squash, and a frozen pizza. And eventually you remember the eggs.

So you guys want some eggs? Let’s do it.


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First of all, thanks to everyone who tuned in to our Facebook Live event! You guys are actually the best. #Hags4Lyfe!

Starting with a kiki, Katie got hella drunk over the weekend and enjoyed a kickass poutine to return back to health. It’s medicinal so it’s fine.



Evan went to horse circus Cavalia, also known, according to its own branding, as “The Best Show Ever.” So that was weird.


Abby went to Ikea by herself like a carefree young lady and splurged on a Sundae like it ain’t no thang. Eventually, her new dresser will get assembled, hopefully by July.

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Solo IKEA trip! Heaven!

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Time for the tea: fashion bloggers and fashion blogging started being a thing around 2004 as a grassroots kind of under-the-radar-do-it-for-the-joy thing that was basically just people liking the things they like and sharing images of themselves in their fave outfits.

For example, Style Rookie, Tavi Gevinson (and her eponymous bow):



It was around this time that Vogue started to pay attention to these new groups of enthusiasts as a new kind of media. Shit got a bit crazy after that.

Style Calling is one of many great fashion blogs and is based in Vancouver. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.22.39 PM.png

Man Repeller is a well known blog out of New York that is a fave among many fashion lovers, especially those with a sense of humour.


Susie Bubble is long-standing UK blogger who’s been an influencer across the pond and in North America.


Bryanboy has been around for quite a while, starting as a selfie-loving fashionista and turning into a fashion critic, celebrity, and Marc Jacobs muse.


It didn’t take long for people to give these influencers money or goods to promote on their sites to tap into the market.

RewardStyle.com is an invite only site that connects influencers to brands and companies to make some cash on it.

Instagram has changed the way digital content and fashion is shared. Are the days of fashion blogs numbered? Probably. Maybe?

Teen Vogue is doing some cool shit these days in terms of digital media by opening up a dialogue with younger fashion consumers, millenials, and youth of all races, genders, backgrounds, etc about topics that are not only related to fashion.


Mostly the Hags these days read industry news rather than blogs, such as:
The Business of Fashion (where you can subscribe to a newsletter – highly recommend)


Women’s Wear Daily (which also has a subscription option)






And Searching For Style (although it is more opinion and less industry news)



Katie made some rosemary rock salt bagels from scratch and can’t get enough.


Evan is obsessed with Fued, for obvious reasons:

Abby is obsessed with her new hair straightener and it is a game changer.



Thank-you all so much for listening! Catch us next time 🙂

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