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Episode 39: Retail Nightmares with Alicia Tobin

Guess what?! We are so excited to finally have friend of the podcast and fellow podcaster Alicia Tobin to chit chat about the retail experience among many other things. If you aren’t listening to Alicia’s podcast Retail Nightmares, please stop what you are doing and change your life to accommodate for it.


So what is up with the Hags?
Katie found a weird and lovely dress at a local vintage store and foolishly didn’t buy it. Now she lives her life in regret and sorrow (after stalking everyone in the store to make sure they didn’t have it). What a dumb dummy.
PS – if it was you who bought this dress and you don’t want it anymore, let me know because I want it! boo hoo 😦


Aside from being a sick exo-skeleton, Evan went to Kamloops for a preview of the play Only Drunks and Children Tell The Truth about a young aboriginal family and it was stunning.


Abby participated in a panel for Morgan Brayton’s Morgan Brayton and Other People on OutTV talking about being a Mom and mom stuff! Very exciting.
As if that wasn’t enough, she and Dave were guests on the podcast Can I Pet Your Dog as if it was no big deal at all. Check out the podcast and their amazing facebook group if you are so inclined. Also this:

Alicia has a new job that, speaking of dogs, is dog friendly and terrific. More importantly, she found her bathing suit just in time for summer and we should all be so lucky to have the right one at the right time.

So, what is the worst part of working in retail? It’s a toss-up between all-night inventory, customer service requests, returns, and cutting people out of broken dresses. Turns out retail is not for the faint of heart. For actual horror stories, please listen to Alicia’s podcast!

For the record, here’s what those laundry symbols are for those of you who don’t just throw everything in on hot.


By the way, you can’t return a bathing suit or underwear ever at all so don’t try. It’s gross and even if it’s not gross it’s safe to assume it’s gross.

An example of a Planogram for those who are curious. It’s very technical, obviously.


Katie has been spending a bunch of time playing Settlers of Catan and tarnishing friendships in the process. This shit gets hella real.


Evan is obsessed with a new Amazon Prime show called The Collection (and it looks amaze):

Abby is obsessed, once again, with the book created for the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the MET. It is a stunning book and worth every penny.


Alicia is obsessed and always will be on the hunt for the perfect blue and white striped shirt. It is a lifelong battle that we all know well.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.03.48 PM.png

Thank-you all so much for listening! Make sure to check out Retail Nightmares and thanks again to Alicia Tobin for such a great chat!

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Ok bye.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 27: What’s the Deal With Sizes?

Hey Hags, hope you all are doing okay after last week’s apocalypse US election. We are with you and we are all going to be okay! It’s going to be a rough go for a little while but we’ve never been afraid to put on some heels and WORK, honey!

Shall we get into a pot of tea? Lots to talk about in this episode as we are chatting about just what the hell is going on with sizing in clothing. But first!


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Katie wants to draw some attention to the Movember movement and more specifically, Big Fun’s Movember Mo-A-Day series of cartoons (@lebigfun):

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.01.27 PM.png

Also, Katie got a sweet tattoo of the sweetest Jasper the Bear mascot from her hometown:

jasper tattoo.jpg


Evan is settling in to his new job and life in domesticity. Turns out an oven is used for things other than sweaters! Who knew.

Image result for cooking gif funny


Abby is still low on the give-a-fuck factor but did manage to make herself a couple of super cute tunics:


Also, everyone, fuck off talking to/touching/giving advice to pregnant women. Seriously. Just give up your seat on the bus like a decent human being and keep your shit to yourself, mmk?

On to the topic at hand: Sizing. What is the deal exactly? Everything seems to be different and inconsistent across brands, countries, stores, and styles. And what is happening for Plus Size women? Well, according to the Tim Gunn, Patron Saint of Fashion, the industry is failing them. (Here is a great article in the Washionton Post about how.)

The Plus-Size market represents a massive hole in the industry – both in terms of availability for the customer and in potential profits. This Bloomberg article gets into more detail and is totally worth a read. Turns out designers don’t really feel like working harder to make things work for plus size customers. What the hell, guys?!


(image from Bloomberg article)

We get it, it’s hard. It’s one reason why people stick with brands they like when they find them. Fitting clothes is hard! For customers and designers. But sometimes you gotta do the work, honey.


a very basic example of grading a garment. sizes do not grow the same amount in all directions and that shit gets tricky.

Another great article about the Plus size market is this one from Fashionista and if you want to be depressed about the state of how the media defines beauty through models, check out this one.

Here is a great infographic from NYT that really help visualize how sizes can vary from brand to brand.


And “Vanity” sizing? Now that’s some buuuuuuullshit. Read about this absurdity in this article from the Washington Post. This chart alone will make your head spin.


An interesting look at the history of how modern sizing began (a footnote taken from the Bloomberg article courtesy of the NIST Museum):

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.40.51 PM.png

Fashion is just too interested in being pretty rather than being profitable, it seems. But Donatella knows what’s up (at least, she says so but you’d be hard pressed to find anything bigger that a 12 with a Versace label on it…)


Asos has a terrific collection of on-trend plus size clothing that also (shocking) uses plus size women as models, not pretend plus size women who are actually a size 8.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 4.53.12 PM.png

As with so many things, men have it easier. Mens clothing is generally based on the traditional number sizing that reflects actual measurements as they relate to the body. Must be nice.

(Obviously that is an overstatement. Men still get stuck with the Small – Medium – Large size run that can be wildly different between brands. However, styles don’t change as frequently as women’s clothing does so it is arguably easier to find options in your size for men.)

Remember ladies, when you are shopping and you can’t find the size that works, it is never the fault of your body, it is the clothes. There is always another dress, another shirt, another pair of jeans. Move on and feel good about yourself!

Image result for shopping gif

And check yourself, Onkel Karl. You ain’t as boss as you think you are.



Katie is obsessed with artist Jade Antoine and her amazing collection on instagram:

From tale to mane 🐎 glad to have a horse in the mix #favoriteshape

A post shared by @jadeantoine on

Pup crush of the day 🍩

A post shared by @jadeantoine on

Reminiscent of Canadian artist Ted Harrison and his famous illustrated book of Robert Service’s The Cremation of Sam McGee:

Abby is obsessed with fine artist and quilter Luke Haynes:




His instagram is also worth a look (@entropies) and these images are taken from his website (lukehaynes.com).

Evan is obsessed with the new Netflix series The Crown.


Thanks again for listening!

We are planning on a Facebook Live event and would love to hear if you Hags are interested in watching/listening. We will get back to you about the when and the where so please like our Facebook Page to stay tuned and hang out with us!

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

The Other Stuff

Summer Sabbatical – Sorry!

There is no podcast this week due to an unexpected dose of life happening.
Sincerest apologies to our listeners who were hoping for some Haggy diatribes, obsessions, and a bit of fashion talk (I guess).

Don’t fret, we’ll be back on schedule in no time!

To hold you over, take a gander at this collection of photos (courtesy of Trendland) of 1970’s beach life in Rio and either:
a) be inspired and/or horrified by its sexiness
b) be thankful you aren’t there in the blistering heat
c) wish your beach bod was a little more “Rio”
d) all of the above




Find the full collection here.

Until next time!

The Fashion Hags



Podcast Episodes

Episode 21: Swimwear Designer Lisa Siperko!

In this episode we welcome a lovely guest, local designer Lisa Siperko of Siperko Swim! We are very excited to chat with her about her new line, designing in Vancouver, and a wealth of other tangents we bumble into.

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siperko swim.png

But first!

Abby has some exciting news! She and her husband Dave are expecting their second baby! We are all terribly excited to welcome a new Hag to the team.
PS- Katie and Evan have known this big fat secret for ages and will certainly rub it in…


There are three Shumkas floating in this donut!


Evan’s dreams came true and he made it to the Adele concert here in Vancouver and cried basically from start to finish (as if there was any doubt).



A post shared by Evan Ducharme (@trade.publication) on


And our Prime Minister’s wife Sophie Gregoire’s outfit for Pride was OD FIRE. Made my Canadian designer Aleks Susak.

Vancouver Pride Parade 20160731

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and kids Hadrien, Ella Grace and Xavier take part in the Pride Parade in downtown Vancouver, B.C., Sunday, July, 31, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward


Katie has been upping her Dip Count on her Dip List by dipping in as many lakes and beaches as possible. If you can beat 4 dips in 1 day, you’ll be beating the record and frankly you are doing summer right.

dip count.png

Mystery Lake at Mount Seymour near Vancouver


Our special guest Lisa has been slaving over her new line of swimwear and figuring out all the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes details that go into launching a small business and online presence. She shares with us her design process and how she came to land on swimwear as well as some obstacles she’s encountered along the way, including the difficulties of producing a collection in Vancouver.

Check out her collection at Siperkoswim.com and start shopping! Here’s an overview:

Bib Top

Triangle Top

Boycut Bikini Bottoms


Cayman One Piece (Katie’s personal favourite)


Classic One Piece 


Lattice One Piece


Swimwear is a different battle in a lot of ways because it requires a more specialized type of fabric as well as specialized tools, machines, and techniques that don’t apply to other areas of the fashion industry. It’s been a lot of work and after about a year of development, Lisa’s line is launched and ready to rock the beach!

Follow Lisa’s amazing instagram @siperkoswim (here’s a taste – so beachy and summery!)

siperko insta.png

and check out her facebook page to keep updated!

Lisa’s talents do not end at swimwear design – she also designs the prints she uses in her collections. Say what?

Popsicles, anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 1.23.26 PM

Palm leaves, anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 1.25.11 PM.png

Yes please.



Evan has been recovering from Pride and can only think about the food that will help put his life back together. He is finding a way with Meet, a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver that makes the best effing fries around. This poutine has been instrumental in his health and well-being:


Abby bought herself a fancy new nightshirt (that may or may not be used as a night shirt) from Montreal’s The Sleep Shirt. This is a rad company that makes gorgeous high-end sleepwear that makes you feel like a fucking queen going to bed. Or to the couch. Or to the grocery store.

Thanks to a new cable subscription, Lisa is obsessed with My So-Called Life, that lovely 90’s throwback that is a direct reflection of everything in fashion today (insert eyeroll emoji).




Katie (and the rest of the Hags) are obsessed with Stranger Things on Netflix because it is just delightfully spooky scary. If you haven’t seen it yet, why? and if you have, you’ll understand why it is a must-watch even if you don’t love it as much as the Hags did. It’ll remind you of those films you watched as a kid that kept you up at night for really reals.

With a title font like this


and a poster (by Kyle Lambert) like this


you know it’s gonna be good.

Thanks for listening! And thanks to Lisa for being such a fun guest!
Don’t forget to check out her website at siperkoswim.com and give her a follow on instagram @siperkoswim and on facebook.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 18 – How Do I Find My “Personal Style”?



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Katie is yet again heading out on an adventure with her handsome manfriend who is now her handsome husband; but is having a diffucult time finding the perfect poncho for boating in the rain. Also the saga of The Bigggs vs. Building Managers continues with a tale of mistaken identity involving an illegal table and security camera footage (Let it be known KG would never do a ponytail/leggins as pants combo, honey.) ROLL THE TAPE, BITCH.


Really cute and functional but also really expensive.

Evan is preparing for a trip to Seattle for Pride weekend. Cute looks, good drinks, and kissing boys is the bulk of the itinerary. We also lament the commercialization of Pride festivities around the world, Vancouver’s weird Pride parade route, and why Parades are on Sundays (we all know Sunday’s are for church and hangovers.)


The Vancouver Pride Parade

Abby has nothing to report in her personal life but is super bummed about the news of Bill Cunningham’s decline in health (and since we recorded, his passing). His influence and personality will be sorely missed; there is a huge void in NYC fashion that will probably never be filled.


Please watch Bill Cunningham New York and learn all about him, his life and his work.  It’s currently available on iTunes and Hulu. Also check out the treasure trove that is On The Street with Bill Cunningham here!

This weeks topic is Personal Style. What came first? The Sartorialist or the push for individuality? Personal style is a very personal choice that we all struggle with because there are so many factors at play. In order to get a handle on things, Katie took a Style Personality quiz on New York Magazine’s The Cut which came up with some pretty surprising results. Take the quiz here but don’t take it too seriously.

What do you love about your personal style? What do you struggle with most?


Katie can’t stop swooning over Butch Wax Vintage – they also have an Etsy and Instagram to check out. Owner Amanda Suter – who also models the looks – curates an amazing collection of midcentury clothing and accessories as well as all sorts of fantastic images, inspiration and style icons to make any appreciator drool… Here are some highlights from her feed but you really need to have a good long scroll for yourself.


Evan has a book he just cant put down – Worn Stories by Emily Spivak. It’s a series of  short essays from writers, actors, athletes, designers and other influencers about an item in their wardrobe that holds a very special meaning or memory for them. Includes stories from John Hodgeman, Greta Gerwig, Cynthia Rowley, Roseanne Cash and Marcus Samuelsson. Sweet stories about how much people love their clothes?! YES PLS!!!

The website has added more stories than the ones you can find in the book. Please let us know about an item that holds a special place in your heart! We love this shit!



Abby has watched every episode of Viceland’s States of Undress – Model “Hailey Gates explores global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears, and why.” Fascinating stuff!


You can watch all 6 episodes HERE. One of the best moments comes in the Russia episode where Hailey is shown a picture of herself in a Miu Miu add as a “don’t” for finding a Russian husband!


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 13: Tea with model and muse, witchy Willow!

For lucky Episode 13, the Hags brought in Evan’s muse, model and all-around lady pal, Willow for a few cups of tea! Tangents and swear words abound!


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You’ll recognize her from nearly every show Evan has done as well as the Eco-Fashion Week Chic Sheets challenge.


By the way, you can still vote until April 30 so go do that HERE! You can vote every day so go do it! There is an actual cash prize for the winner of the challenge that will happily go towards paying the costs of this show as well as Evan’s upcoming collection. Don’t we know, nothing comes for free, honey!

First off, for the first time in years, Abby made something for herself! A lovely little pinafore dress! And it’s adorable!


Here is the front – a basic pinafore 😊👍🏻 @moultgard

A post shared by Abby Shumka (@abbyshumka) on

Katie is FED UP with waking up to her building manager using an effing leaf blower at full volume every morning. Just stop it. Use a broom. Stop being wasteful and loud and obnoxious and lazy. Leaf blowers are the ultimate not-my-problem solution to a problem that is only sometimes actually a problem. So stop it.


Time for Tea! A full explanation from Willow and Evan about the nitty gritty of ‘tea-ness’ ie: hot topics. First cup, a re-hashing of Eco Fashion week and the behind the scenes drama of every fashion show.


Once again, Evan’s submission to the Chic Sheets Challenge, worn by the fabulous Willow:

The Chic Sheets Challenge – shout out to all the other designers who participated:  Connally McDougal, Evan Clayton, Kim Cathers, Rachelle Love, Sarah Couture, Tammy Joe, and Jules Francisco – and the ability to actually sit and watch a show this year! Rarely happens for these two.

PS – the swirl!

Beautiful piece from @evanducharmestudio's collection! #EFW09

A post shared by Eco Fashion Week (@ecofashionweek) on

One of the highlights was Dahlia Drive‘s show, produced by All My Relations Entertainment, that featured original Haida artwork by renowned artist Reg Davidson and spectacular cedar weaving (into an effing CONE BRA!) by Marlene Liddle that involved traditional drumming and singing. Check her out on instagram @Haida_cedar_bark_weaver for more amazing images of her work. An amazing show and an amazing collaboration – doing everything right! (Also check out Marlene’s sister Georgia Bennett on Instagram @haida_weaver – she made the Ravens tail headdresses featured in the show!)

For more images check out their Instagram @dahliadriveclothing and for more info, check out their website dahliadrive.com.

Willow mentioned the Congolese Fashion Week and it is worth checking out! Follow the link here and learn about a fashion alternative to what we see constantly (ie: European ie: white people ie: colonial) here in North America.


how beautiful is this?! courtesy of congofashionweek.com

One tangent we got down and dirty on stewardship and the complicated issue of unceded land here in Vancouver and across BC and Canada. Check out the documentary Jumbo Wild on Netflix for one example of proposed failure to do good work with our land.

Willow’s entrance into modelling was a bit different than the usual spotted-by-a-talent-scout kind of route but the need for strong, confident women in the lives of all women has been a lasting motivator. An eye-opening experience with her younger sister and a conversation about body image allowed her to re-examine the modelling industry and how her works connects to the larger picture. Check out some of the work she’s done for Evan in particular:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Willow is obsessed with instagram meme-guru @gothshakira

as well as the Complicity and Complexity: Realities of Racism conference she attended at UBC, where she was pretty pissed about the number of people who didn’t know what “unceded” meant, especially at a University, especially on the West Coast of BC. For those who don’t know, we googled it for you. Please feel free to school up lest you run into Willow in a dark alley and she schools you herself.unceded.png

Katie’s obsession came full circle when she found a rad little roadrunner pin that she should have bought in Colorado but didn’t and never forgave herself. Until she found THIS rad little roadrunner pin at the East Van Flea market! Huzzah!


Abby finally watched the Chris Farley documentary, I Am Chris Farley, which can be found on iTunes. Get ready to cry-laugh.

Evan has been in the deep chasm of the design studio and has used the Shania Twain Las Vegas show to pull himself out of the depths. I dare you not to find some level of joy in this craziness:


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 11: Weddings WHAAAAAT?!

This week’s episode is fun and frivolous as the Hags chat about making bunnies, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and Katie’s elopement in Vegas!  A tangent-based discussion on weddings in general fills your earbuds as the Hags catch up after a month-long break from recording to shoot the shit. Lots of giggles in this one.


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Big news for Evan this week: he moved! But more importantly, he went to a place so foreign, it may as well have been the moon: Mountain Equipment Co-op. It was uncomfortable for everyone involved.


outside Evan’s comfort zone

Abby has been making an army of cute-as-fuck bunnies as well as enjoying Vancouver’s cherry blossoms and Gabriola Island:




this shit is picturesque AF

Katie just got back from a month on the road through the States where she got engaged! And then married! In Las Vegas!
Hence, the theme of this week’s self-indulgent, super-fun episode.


The best way to avoid planning a wedding is to just get married in Vegas where they do this 250 times a day! Buy a dress on the way into town and just fucking do it!


Stratosphere Hotel – mega fucking fancy

Here’s a quick link to a survey on weddings and wedding trends in Canada – check out some insane numbers! For example, the average cost is over $30,000!

wedding infographicc.png

Another quick link to an article with a breakdown of costs of the average wedding in Canada. Over $9000.00 for the venue?! Cripes!

The pressures of organizing a big wedding can be hella stressful, especially when you have all kinds of people to please for the big event. Katie’s solution? Don’t make it a big event, make it a small, meaningful one, and have a big party later!

The yellow Reformation dress that was supposed to work:


Isabella dress in Marigold – wasn’t available. Sad face.

The Halston dress that became the wedding dress:

halston dress.png

halston dress 2.png

Turns out the shopping experience had as much to do with the purchase of this dress as the actual dress did. Plus, no hemming required! Time to party, disco style!

edited .jpg

the only photo worth keeping. pretty great.

Abby’s wedding on Gabriola Island was beautiful, low-key, and a total riot. Her custom dress was certainly unconventional as a wedding gown but shit bitch, did she look good!

Abby and David web-488 copy

Abby and David web-284 copy

Abby and David web-9

Katie’s obsession this week had everything to do with the Southwest:
Navajo rugs like this one:


Turquoise jewellery:



buying authentic jewelry in Santa Fe


vintage denim lapis bracelet

Abby indulged in her longtime obsession with collage and fashion editorial with a new found instagram @rstheory:

Versace SS16 ⚡️

A post shared by Revolving Style (@revolvingstyle) on

Violet Chachki & Anna Cleveland 🔥 Interview Magazine

A post shared by Revolving Style (@revolvingstyle) on

@HappyRedFish also struck a chord (not surprisingly) with Abby for her innovative and colourful collages:

Also, shout out to Mizz Judge and her mega rad collage work from right here in Vancouver!

Evan found the M2M app (you don’t need Apple TV!) and has been obsessed with the docs, vidoes, and loads of other cool content available. Check it in the App store and then download it immediately and spend the rest of the day devouring.




Thanks for listening and let us know about your personal experiences with eloping, planning, wedding gowns, etc in the comments if you want to share.

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