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Episode 60: Fashion’s Future (Part 1)

Cast your gaze into the crystal ball and see into the future of fashion! OOoooOOO!

Or just, listen to this podcast episode instead or whatever. The Hags are talking about what the future of the fashion world looks like (or what it hopefully will look like) when it comes to actually making clothes by dreaming up all the solutions to all the problems. Plus the usual nonsense.

Come join, yes? It’s going to be goooOOOOooood!

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Abby just got back from the old US of A and, of course, Trader Joes. At Trader Joe’s they have a thing called Cookie Butter and boy oh boy that shit is something special. Abby can not get enough (and who could blame her?)


Evan is obsessed with the Netflix show One Day At A Time because it secretly teaches you things about inclusion and acceptance and race and all the things that are wrong but without making everything feel awful. Give it a try:

Katie is obsessed with a guy in the neighbourhood nicknamed Shorts Pants (not a great name, but there you go) and his maybe volleyball cult? But why the constant head to toe beige? What does it have to do with volleyball? And who are these strangers he plays with? We may never know. But talking about volleyball got me like…
Image result for beach volleyball top gun gif

Image result for beach volleyball top gun gif
Image result for beach volleyball top gun gifImage result for beach volleyball top gun gif
Related image


So anyway, thanks for listening and stay tuned for a couple more episodes about the Future of fashion. We’s just getting started (and then sidetracked and then started again).

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