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Episode 59: Non Stop Red Carpet Reviews

Well the Oscars have come and gone once again for another year but we are not done talking, apparently. We were ambitious with this episode trying to tackle a “quick” red carpet review and then the “real” topic, but who were we kidding. We just talk about gowns the entire time.




Image from Elle

Listen in if you want, Hags!

If you want to follow along, there are only about 14 000 ways to see all the gowns and looks, give one a try.


Evan is obsessed with becoming a better human being, in this case with a lecture by Dr. Kim Tallbear called Making Love and Relations Beyond Settler Sexualities. There are a few versions on Youtube but here’s one with pretty good sound and is so fascinating.

Abby is obsessed with a) this comic:


and b) Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. OBVIOUSLY.

Katie is obsessed with Kendal Jenner’s fraternal twin brother Kirby (@kirbyjenner). If you aren’t following this, you are doing it wrong.


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