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Episode 58: Photographer Lauren Zbarsky

The Hags are so lucky this week to have Vancouver photographer Lauren Zbarsky in the basement to chit chat about photography, inspiration, fashion, lighting, getting your best angles, and of course, eggs.

lauren zbarsky

Check out Lauren’s website for galleries, contact info, and some gorgeous photography. laurendzbarsky.com

Listen in for all the good stuff at the link below:


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First of all, the lady photographers that Lauren mentioned are:

Obsessions! Whirlwind trip in this episode, starting with Abby who finally got her Dami Lee egg sweater! Get your own *actual* egg sweater at Dami’s website and get your own *figurative* egg sweater wherever you possibly can! Also check her her instagram, it’s a delight.


(Here’s that crazy crossover we talked about with Adam Tots who you might remember from Dear David, so spooky!)

Katie is obsessed with the white frame 02 Vuarnet sunglasses with a greylynx lens. A lot of work has gone into this (expensive) obsession. Let’s hope it plays out.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 3.45.36 PM.png

Evan is obsessed with the new Daniel Day Lewis/Paul Thomas Anderson film Phantom Thread which we can’t talk about too much because we haven’t all seen it yet and spoilers, hunnies!

Lauren kept it simple with her obsession: skateboarding. Sticking to the theme of ladies taking up space, Katie recommended checking out stylist and skateboarder Cindy Whitehead’s Old School Skate album on her website (where this image is from) for a good photography/badass ladies/skateboarding fix:

One million thank-yous to Lauren for being such a great guest and for taking the time (and the space!) to contribute. Find out more about Lauren on her website and for sure follow her rad instagram @ldzbar.

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