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Episode 57: The Joys of Shipping

Like all businesses and industries, shipping is a huge part of the world of fashion. And guess what, it’s not just about getting those Gap tees and khaki’s on super sale in time for your swing dance competition next week. In this week’s episode, the Hags dish about the woes of the world of shipping and how we actually can’t survive without it. Curses!

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Listen here, Hag hunnies!

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First things first, we promised a video of Ski Ballet so here’s a little snippet from 1988:

Please go down this rabbit hole, it’s fabulous.

Of course no podcast would be complete without obsessions!

This week Evan is obsessed with the new documentary Dries which takes an intimate look at designer Dries Van Noten.

Abby is obsessed with makeup artist John Maclean and their* amazing youtube channel. For example, check out this smokey eye tutorial and then go try it yourself to see how amazing they are at it and how bad you are at it:

*not 100% sure what pronoun to use to refer to John so we’ve used they/their out of respect. Apologies if we got it wrong.

Katie is hella boring this week and has been playing Cribbage like an old lady. But damn if it isn’t a relaxing way to spend an hour drinking wine with your handsome spouse.


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Ok bye bye.


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