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Episode 56: The Demise of The Fashion Magazine

Put on your mourning black, Hags, because we are talking about the demise (maybe death?) of the Fashion Magazine as we know it. Who wants to talk about Vogue and Harpers for another 125 years? Not us. Let’s bring in some new blood, some new colours, some new perspectives and figure out why we are SO BORED with the usual fodder.

Consider this hiatus OVER!

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Of course we wouldn’t be back without a good old round of obsessions to keep us busy.

Evan’s obsession this week takes an angry turn (but for the best) when he comes across a great calling out on instagram of some serious runway exclusivity. In a post that has since been removed, instagrammer @haonguyen.jpg  called out Spanish brand Palomo Spain for their lack of diversity on their runway. Palomo responded with a “so what” as if no one paid attention to that kind of thing. With a pretty androgynous feel to their collections, their response is more than a little tone-deaf (no wonder it was removed) so we are curious – no, obsessed – with how this might play out.

Speaking of runways, Abby is obsessed with the Vogue Collections Magazine for Spring/Summer 2018. The publications are what we think is a cool direction for hard copy magazines like Vogue, Harpers, etc. It is a curated collection of images from runway shows for each season all in one place. Unputdownable.


Katie is obsessed with spooky twitter story Dear David by artist/illustrator Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead on twitter, @adamtots on instagram). He has compiled it into a storify for easy reading and I highly suggest reading it all in one go, by yourself with the lights off, right before bed, in a house with creaking floors and windows that don’t close.

Thanks for listening and for coming back after our break! You guys are the best.

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Bye bye.


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