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Episode 45: Evan Ducharme’s “Atavism” at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week

It is always so great to chat about something we’ve been excited about for a long time but had to keep under wraps. In this episode, the Hags finally get to spill on Evan’s latest (and best, we think) show called “Atavism” at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week. You guys! The best!

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Until we get the proper photos from the show, we’ll have to make do with some promo/media shots but it’s better than nothing. Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.00.16 PM.png

photo by @maxwurzer

For a write-up and some pics of the event including Evan’s show, check out the Georgia Strait’s review here. (Note: there was an error in the article indicating that Evan’s late grandmother made the belts using traditional Metis techniques. The error is that Evan’s grandmother is alive and well, still kicking ass in Manitoba. Not sure why that got mixed up but it is being brought to the attention of the editors.)


photo by Lucy Lau and The Georgia Strait


photo by Lucy Lau and The Georgia Strait

On top of the craziness of this show, Evan didn’t have much time be obsessed with anything other than the people that helped make it happen. Gratitude is a real thing and in hindsight of the show being completed, it is hard not to step back and acknowledge the team of makers, doers, models, producers, friends, family, and the whole indigenous community who got the show on the road. Pretty good thing to be obsessed with, we think.

Katie has been obsessed with the new Netflix show Glow if for nothing other than the clothes. And the badass ladies. And the ladies of all different body types that are totally celebrated. And the clothes. And hair. And the wrestling. Just watch it, it’s so good.

Abby is obsessed with Gucci’s new ad campaign and accompanying video. It is weird an hilarious and kooky and so pretty:

She also can’t stop listening to A Giant Dog and if this video is any indication, it is likely the obsession won’t stop here. Plus, the band is called “A Giant Dog” so really it could be anything and Abby would be on board. Luckily, they are totally rad!


Congrats to Evan on a terrific show! If you are interested in more of Evan’s work, check out his website and stay tuned here and on our social media for more images coming soon. His instagram is @evanducharmestudio.

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Ok byeeeeeee.




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