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Episode 46: Fave Fashion Books

All you book nerds out there, this episode is all yours. The Hags chit chat about their must-read and must-flip-through-every-page fashion books that do more than just make you look fancy when your pals come over for crackers and cheese (I mean charcuterie).

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Abby’s go-to book is one all Hags should know, called Grace: A Memoir. If you haven’t read it, get on it! It is a delightful page turner that is easy to read and full of fabulous fashion stories. Plus, I mean, Grace. What more do you need?


Katie’s first pick was a gift from Evan called Classic Hollywood Style and it examines specific classic movies and the costumes used in each. It breaks down characters and storylines (with a pile of rad photos) and examines how costume is used to help tell the story. If you are into old movies and classic hollywood style, do it up.



Her second pick is another lovely vintage inspired book called Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics. This one focuses on specific eras of fashion and what the major styles and themes were at that time. Lots of great close-up images of unique fabrics, designs, embroidery, etc and a ton of other great pics. Thumbs UP.

055de3ecc64dbfd2eb26939d3fcaf846--fashion-vintage-vintage-clothing.jpgEvan’s top picks had to be broken down into a single theme or the podcast would be nine hours long: Diana Vreeland (as if that narrows it down). First up is Lisa Vreeland’s accompaniment to the film of the same name, The Eye Has To Travel, which, if you haven’t seen, stop everything and do it now.


The other DV pick is a compilation of her memos while at Vogue simply called Memos: The Vogue Years which sounds amazing, unless you actually had to work for her, which sounds completely insane. This is literally a collection of actual memos she sent to her staff during her time at the head of Vogue magazine and they are amazing.


Obsessions time!

Evan is obsessed with the currently running Vancouver Queer Film Festival which has some great looking films that are worth checking out.


Abby is obsessed with new and natural beauty product Pink House Organics and especially the Glow Stick in Blush. It does all the things! Plus it’s natural and made in BC. We like that too!



Katie is obsessed with finding the Okanagan brand Extra Crisp Apple Cider that is so hard to find there isn’t even a picture of it on google. The closest thing is this Pear version that is not as good. Come on!


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