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Episode 47: Was Fashion School Worth It?

Lots to report this week, including a surprise trip to NYC for Evan on his birthday and a near breakdown after a van breakdown. Plus, a listener-suggested topic about fashion school. Was it worth it? Was the transition from student life to work life difficult? Have we wasted our lives?
Short answer: yes, yes, no.
Long answer: listen to the latest episode and hear all about it!


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actual illustrations from a fashion school project by Katie. Judge not lest ye be judged.


actual designs from a fashion school project by Katie.Ā Judge not lest ye be judged.


Abby’s Final Collection website – check it out!



Hag obsessions this week are very fancy and high brow, starting with Katie’s newfound love for local Vancouver artist Andy Dixon who participated in the Vancouver Mural Fest:


HisĀ Pronk collection is also outstanding, including these paintings of vintage bomber jackets and a verasce shirt:

dixon_6522b.jpgĀ Check out his webpage atĀ andydixon.net and his instagram @andy.dixn

Abby is obsessed with another local artist Meags Fitzgerald and her amazingĀ Ambidraws drawings where she draws with both hands at the same time. For reals.

Check our her website atĀ meagsfitzgerald.comĀ as well as her instagram @meagsfitzgerald_artĀ for more examples of her gorgeous work and insane talent.

Evan has lots rattling around that brain especially since being on vacation. Number 1, real quick, Sza has filled the spot Solange once occupied and now lives on repeat:

Number 2: Oh Henry Reese’s Peanut Butter bar


And lastly: Montreal’s famous vintage store Eva BĀ where much time was spent:


photo fromĀ Montreal in Pictures

Thanks so much to Solveig for the episode suggestion and apologies for probably mispronouncing your name! We mean the best.

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Until next time!


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