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Episode 44: Exploring Wardrobes with Gabrielle Trach

Long time listener and full-time Hag Gabrielle Trach joins the conversation – well, really, she started the conversation and we just jumped in – in the newest episode.
Pursuing a Masters in Fashion at Ryerson, Gabby reached out to us about her project and the stories our closets tell about us. We could not be happier when she stopped through on her Vancouver vacay to sit and sip some tea with us! Get in on it, hag hunnies!


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Btw, take a lookie at the reference chart Gabby mentioned she made about how to clean out your wardrobe and save some money at the same time:

flo chart


This week our obsessions cover all the bases. First off, Evan is obsessed with Bob the Drag Queen’s stand up comedy on YouTube. How could we not mention Purse First? Gabby, like the rest of us, can’t get enough of it. (If you’ve never seen it I dare you to NOT have it in your head for the rest of the goddamn day.)

Speaking of drag queens, both Abby and Gabrielle have been obsessed with season 8 of Rupaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. Here’s a sneak peak but really, get on it.

Along those same lines, Abby can’t stop watching drag makeup tutorials like this one by the hilarious Trixie Mattel:

and this one by Kim Chi:

Katie is obsessed with Margaret Atwood’s novel The Blind Assassin having just finished reading it for the probably sixth time and it is as good as ever. If you need a good summer read, look no further than our Lord and Saviour of Feminism and Wit, Madge Atwood.


Thank-you to Gabrielle for coming out to chat about her project and taking time out of her holiday to do it. You can find her on instagram @debbietrash.

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