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Episode 18 – How Do I Find My “Personal Style”?

Personal style is a tricky bitch. How do you find out what you want to wear in order to express yourself in a unique way? Or any other way for that matter? Let’s hash it out.


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Katie is yet again heading out on an adventure with her handsome manfriend who is now her handsome husband; but is having a difficult time finding the perfect poncho for boating in the rain. Also the saga of The Bigggs vs. Building Managers continues with a tale of mistaken identity involving an illegal table and security camera footage (Let it be known KG would never do a ponytail/leggings as pants combo, honey.) ROLL THE TAPE, BITCH.


Really cute and functional but also really expensive.

Evan is preparing for a trip to Seattle for Pride weekend. Cute looks, good drinks, and kissing boys is the bulk of the itinerary. We also lament the commercialization of Pride festivities around the world, Vancouver’s weird Pride parade route, and why Parades are on Sundays (we all know Sunday’s are for church and hangovers.)


The Vancouver Pride Parade

Abby has nothing to report in her personal life but is super bummed about the news of Bill Cunningham’s decline in health (and since we recorded, his passing). His influence and personality will be sorely missed; there is a huge void in NYC fashion that will probably never be filled.


Please watch Bill Cunningham New York and learn all about him, his life and his work.  It’s currently available on iTunes and Hulu. Also check out the treasure trove that is On The Street with Bill Cunningham here!

This weeks topic is Personal Style. What came first? The Sartorialist or the push for individuality? Personal style is a very personal choice that we all struggle with because there are so many factors at play. In order to get a handle on things, Katie took a Style Personality quiz on New York Magazine’s The Cut which came up with some pretty surprising results. Take the quiz here but don’t take it too seriously.

What do you love about your personal style? What do you struggle with most?


Katie can’t stop swooning over Butch Wax Vintage – they also have an Etsy and Instagram to check out. Owner Amanda Suter – who also models the looks – curates an amazing collection of midcentury clothing and accessories as well as all sorts of fantastic images, inspiration and style icons to make any appreciator drool… Here are some highlights from her feed but you really need to have a good long scroll for yourself.


Evan has a book he just cant put down – Worn Stories by Emily Spivak. It’s a series of  short essays from writers, actors, athletes, designers and other influencers about an item in their wardrobe that holds a very special meaning or memory for them. Includes stories from John Hodgeman, Greta Gerwig, Cynthia Rowley, Roseanne Cash and Marcus Samuelsson. Sweet stories about how much people love their clothes?! YES PLS!!!

The website has added more stories than the ones you can find in the book. Please let us know about an item that holds a special place in your heart! We love this shit!



Abby has watched every episode of Viceland’s States of Undress – Model “Hailey Gates explores global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears, and why.” Fascinating stuff!


You can watch all 6 episodes HERE. One of the best moments comes in the Russia episode where Hailey is shown a picture of herself in a Miu Miu add as a “don’t” for finding a Russian husband!


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.


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