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Episode 16: What is a trend and how do they happen?

How does a given item all of the a sudden show up everywhere? Who decides that cerulean is the “it” color of the season? WHO CAN WE COMPLAIN TO ABOUT CROP TOPS COMING BACK? This week we talk about how trends pop up, proliferate and die.


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Poor, darling Evan. So tired. Still love him tho.



Abby Went to see The Cure at the people watching was BEYOND amazing. The teenager protesting by reading was the best part. Oh, and the band was great too.


Katie also went to a concert; she went to see the supremely talented Krystle Dos Santos. And word to the less-than-wise: PUT YOUR GD PHONES AWAY AND ENJOY THE SHOW.


Now! On to the rest!

The best way to illustrate how fashion trends happen is this little scene from The Devil Wears Prada


Here is the article Abby is referencing – How Do Trends Happen? by Jonathan Openshaw from Mr. Porter. The DOI theory is crucial for tracking many aspects of society but applying it to fashion trends can really help outline who chooses the next cool thing and how it then spreads throughout populations, and how they taper off when the novelty is gone.


DOI (Diffusion of Innovation) Graph


1 – INNOVATORS: Brand new, game changing ideas from outside the box like Dior’s “New Look” and Yves Saint Laurent’s “Le Smoking”.


2 – EARLY ADOPTERS: Who spot those new ideas and then make them their own, giving the world the first view of a new “cool” thing, like Hedi Slimane did in the mid 2000s with the “Slim” cut for Dior Homme that he saw in London’s music scene. That shit is everywhere now.



3 – EARLY MAJORITY: Now comes the mass media dissemination. Openshaw uses the example of a single community of thousands exploding with a particular look/theme, like the bearded-plaid-fixie-bike-lover of Williamsburg back in 2010. Suddenly, they ALL had the same thing going on.


Back in 2010, this guy was cool. Now he’s a dillweed.


4 – LATE MAJORITY: This group needs a lot of reassurance to get on board with a new trend. Seeing it in select publications and people who have their fingers on the pulse can make them feel ok with trying a new item. Quite often this is the “MUST HAVE” or “IT” item you’ll see in magazines, style blogs and tv show. There are a large number of designer handbags that become popular in here like the LV Multicolor Monogram Speedy, Chloe Paddington, Fendi Baguette, Balenciaga City Bag and the Mulberry Bayswater. Now knock offs are widespread too.

it bags past


5 – LAGGARDS: Trends fire up and then die out, it’s just a matter of time. Low rise jeans were ubiquitous for a while and now the 1″ fly is hard to find (thank GOD, my muffin tops thank the trends gods). Some go fast, some slowly. Some would argue the “hipster” is on it’s way out.


Will the manbun go bye bye? A lot are praying it does.

Current Obsessions!

These Paro Deez videos are keeping Evan’s  spirit alive. Need a catty pick-me-up? Check this one out –


And you can never have enough baby bulldog videos!


Oh and this one has brought us so much joy over the years –


Katie is making everyone hungry by talking about Cooked on Netflix. Only four episodes, you can do that, right? Just be sure to have snacks on hand so you don’t go insane.


Abby is spending way too much time online looking at pictures from the show Outlander because the costumes are way intense and beautiful. Think like Game of Thrones level but they combine 18th century clothing with 20th century runway designs. Check out the costume designer Terry Dresbach’s website for so so so so many images from the show and from her inspiration. Some of Abby’s favourite looks here –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember that “New Look” picture you saw farther up in this post? WELL CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!

outlander new look



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