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Episode 15: Fashion Photography

This week the Hags take a listener suggestion to chat about Fashion Photography! It seemed like a good idea so thanks for the suggestion, “Hannah”.


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But first, Abby made another shirt for herself because she’s on a fucking roll these days. Using leftover fabric from some curtains, she is going to be set for summer.




IMG_4053 1 copy

And the result!


Evan went on a goddamn hike (we thought we knew him) but since hiking is chic now, we’re all for it.

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a rare smirk 🙂

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Also, “Health Goth” is a thing so we are waiting to see this in spin class and on the Seawall, as per Google Images:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.11.53 AM.png

Katie went to the racetrack and “wagered” some money on a horse named Princess Katie and that bitch won! If you need her, she’ll be at the Kentucky Derby.
But really, we’re more interested in the Wiener Dog races, obviously.


This episode’s topic: Fashion Photography!
Thanks to publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harpers Bazaar, fashion photography is a huge part of the fashion industry. Indeed, it is usually the first and best place we get to experience fashion off the runway (because most of it never makes it to our closets).

The website Trendland is a terrific resource for fashion editorials so check it out for all kinds of shoots from all over the world.

Much of what today’s fashion photography is owed to Erwin Blumenfeld so go watch The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women right now!



While you’re at it, watch the biopic of Diana Vreeland (to whom we owe everything else) called The Eye Has To Travel. You won’t be disappointed and you will be a better person for having seen it.

The-Eye-Has-to-Travel.jpgBTW, http://www.M2M.tv is the place to go for these films as well as a pile of other ones so check it out! The link is here.

Richard Avedon’s famous photograph of Dovima and the elephants, courtesy of MOMA:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.42.10 AM.png

Original street style photographer Bill Cunningham is also worth a mention (also go watch Bill Cunningham New York if you know what’s good for ya).

Each of the Hags picked a favourite historical photographer and a favourite contemporary photographer so we’ll break it down real easy for you. Feel free to explore and find your own fave images/photographers too – there is truly an endless supply.

Evan starts things off with his pick, Cecil Beaton, probably because of his love for all things Audrey Hepburn, like this photo in particular:


An image from Beaton’s Fashion Is Indestructible:


Working with Charles James:


That photo of Twiggy:


Abby’s favourite historical photographer is Helmut Newton.
Total weirdo, loves women and pushes boundaries all over the damn place. The High And Mighty image from Vogue is a great example:


Newton’s famous images of YSL’s le smoking:


Katie’s pick is a contemporary of Newton; Guy Bourdin. Just as weird, but with plenty of colour this time.


and its many imitators:








As for contemporary artists, Katie switches gears completely to focus on Annie Leibovitz, who is basically the opposite of Guy Bourdin. Here’s that cool doc about her!:

She is a major force to be reckoned with as she has worked for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and countless others including a whole pile of commercial ad campaigns (Got Milk? anyone?)


She also flipped the famous pin-up Pirelli calendar on its head for 2016 and the results are amazing.Example:


Some other images you have seen for sure:




Disney series:


She’s pals with everyone, including Arnie and every other famous person you know.




We could go on and on so do some of your own digging online and check out her “Women: New Portraits” exhibition if you can.

Evan’s contemporary pick is Bruce Weber, of Ambercrombie and Fitch fame, as well and tonnes of other homoerotic shirtless beauties, like classic 90’s Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren!






Abby’s fave contemporary photographer is super slick husband and wife duo Inez and Vinoodh because obviously.






Everyone’s favourite part of the show: Obsessions!

Katie is obsessed with Shelley Adams’ Glory Bowl dressing from the Whitewater Cooks cookbook. Try it and you will never look back. Do not be confused with glory hole and DO NOT GOOGLE it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.00.53 PM.png

Evan is (and always has been) obsessed with podcast Ronna and Beverly, for good reason.
Excuse me. They even retweeted one of his tweets this week and he was so happy he almost smiled.


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.40.57 PM

Abby is obsessed with instagrammer @michelgaubert, french DJ and sound mixer, and all-around cool dood.

Full circle!

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Bruce Weber #woodstock

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At the Met 1999

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Give him a follow and scroll away, you won’t regret it.

Also, check out the images from Evan’s show (episode 14)!


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.


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