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Episode 10: Do you like luxury?

We are here and 1/3 of us is queer. We are finally breaking into the double digits; The Fashion Hags are back at it again for Episode 10 and another week of banter, dog sightings, and semi unrelated tangents. And yes, we like luxury.




This week Katie is going through a hair version of “spring cleaning” and contemplating cutting it all off before her road trip down the West Coast. Maybe a little business in the front, party in the back? Vice versa?

Abby has been banging out a bunch of alterations and provides you all with some insider tips for shopping your wardrobe through repair, as well as the best fabric and notion suppliers in Vancouver (you’re welcome).


Abby’s favourite sewing tools

Evan has still been working (and reworking) away on his next collection; and laments the lack of space in his current studio.

Screen shot 2016-03-09 at 9.02.14 PM

The Artist’s studio. And kitchen. And living room. And bedroom.

Moving on to this weeks topic, The Fashion Hags posed themselves with the following questions: What is luxury? What makes something a luxury good? How and why does it come at such a high cost?

Watching videos like these where you see the items being made can help understand why they have the hefty prices tags. The craftsmanship, the artistry and amazing materials make for beautiful objects. And then there are other items that do not have the same pedigree…

The Making of a Hermes Kelly bag

Making of Couture

Making a classic Chanel tweed jacket


Another great read from one of our go-to blogs, The Business of Fashion: Rising Cost of Luxury Goods. Inflation, perception, economic climate… It’s only gonna get worse so you better start saving your pennies now.

Dave’s Alden x Context NST Cordovan Leather Boot in “Colour 8”. The horses have to die of natural causes before the leather can be acquired for these boots, leaving some customers on a wait list for months! But boy oh boy – they make for amazing, long lasting footwear.


Dave think he fancy in these boots. And he RIGHT.


And then there are the OTHER guys… Usually newer brands breaking out on the scene that are trying to make names for themselves with celebrities and flashy shows. But. COME ON! I mean – LOOK AT THIS INSANITY!


What. The. Actual. Fuck. $890 USD!



Fast fashion brands like H&M, Joe Fresh, Forever 21 and Zara have skewed the perception of what clothes are “worth”. The margins between rich/poor, cost of labour and materials and the availability of ever-new items can make you chose these brands. No judgement, but just know what that means. Maclean’s has a great article – read it here. Have a look at this infographic for the cost of a t-shirt from Joe Fresh these days.



Abby’s H&M Collaboration pieces – Glasses by Lanvin, shoes by Jimmy Choo and dress by Marni – modelled her by Mila Jovovich because she was too lazy to find it and do it herself.


Katie is going mad trying to come up with a logo for her super top secret endeavor. Hopefully she can find something striking and simple like the Nike Swoosh and less like this weird tree/butt/building/dick thing I found when I googled “bad logo design”.


Abby delved into vintage fashion photography with the documentary Erwin Blumenfeld: The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women. His personal photography and work for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar melded art, beauty, femininity, social issues and created “fashion photography” as we know it today. His life story is compelling – from surviving WWI, escaping the Nazis, his son marrying his mistress to his suicide on the Spanish Steps in Rome. His influence is still felt today so check out this gallery of his work and go nuts!


Evan; Grace Coddington stepping down from Vogue – read about it here on BoF). Grace has been one of the heaviest of hitters in fashion for decades, her leaving will have repercussions that will be felt through out the industry. If you haven’t already – read her book GRACE and watch THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, we beg of you!



Here are some shots from one of our favorite of Grace’s editorials, the behind-the-scenes of it can be seen in The September Issue. FABULOUS FEROCITY PURE AND SIMPLE.


Thanks for listening! And let us know what you think – are luxury items worth the price or are they a crock?

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.




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