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Episode 11: Weddings WHAAAAAT?!

This week’s episode is fun and frivolous as the Hags chat about making bunnies, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and Katie’s elopement in Vegas!  A tangent-based discussion on weddings in general fills your earbuds as the Hags catch up after a month-long break from recording to shoot the shit. Lots of giggles in this one.


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Big news for Evan this week: he moved! But more importantly, he went to a place so foreign, it may as well have been the moon: Mountain Equipment Co-op. It was uncomfortable for everyone involved.


outside Evan’s comfort zone

Abby has been making an army of cute-as-fuck bunnies as well as enjoying Vancouver’s cherry blossoms and Gabriola Island:




this shit is picturesque AF

Katie just got back from a month on the road through the States where she got engaged! And then married! In Las Vegas!
Hence, the theme of this week’s self-indulgent, super-fun episode.


The best way to avoid planning a wedding is to just get married in Vegas where they do this 250 times a day! Buy a dress on the way into town and just fucking do it!


Stratosphere Hotel – mega fucking fancy

Here’s a quick link to a survey on weddings and wedding trends in Canada – check out some insane numbers! For example, the average cost is over $30,000!

wedding infographicc.png

Another quick link to an article with a breakdown of costs of the average wedding in Canada. Over $9000.00 for the venue?! Cripes!

The pressures of organizing a big wedding can be hella stressful, especially when you have all kinds of people to please for the big event. Katie’s solution? Don’t make it a big event, make it a small, meaningful one, and have a big party later!

The yellow Reformation dress that was supposed to work:


Isabella dress in Marigold – wasn’t available. Sad face.

The Halston dress that became the wedding dress:

halston dress.png

halston dress 2.png

Turns out the shopping experience had as much to do with the purchase of this dress as the actual dress did. Plus, no hemming required! Time to party, disco style!

edited .jpg

the only photo worth keeping. pretty great.

Abby’s wedding on Gabriola Island was beautiful, low-key, and a total riot. Her custom dress was certainly unconventional as a wedding gown but shit bitch, did she look good!

Abby and David web-488 copy

Abby and David web-284 copy

Abby and David web-9

Katie’s obsession this week had everything to do with the Southwest:
Navajo rugs like this one:


Turquoise jewellery:



buying authentic jewelry in Santa Fe


vintage denim lapis bracelet

Abby indulged in her longtime obsession with collage and fashion editorial with a new found instagram @rstheory:


@HappyRedFish also struck a chord (not surprisingly) with Abby for her innovative and colourful collages:

Also, shout out to Mizz Judge and her mega rad collage work from right here in Vancouver!


Evan found the M2M app (you don’t need Apple TV!) and has been obsessed with the docs, vidoes, and loads of other cool content available. Check it in the App store and then download it immediately and spend the rest of the day devouring.




Thanks for listening and let us know about your personal experiences with eloping, planning, wedding gowns, etc in the comments if you want to share.

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.




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