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Episode 8: Fashion PR With Ashleigh Said

Episode 8 is our first episode with a guest! We could not be happier about our first guest, Evan Ducharme’s PR guru Asheigh Said!


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First off, Evan teases us about his upcoming collection (without giving too much away, of course…)

Abby did her best to make, do, and mend her fave pair of boots but with no such luck. So she bought a fabulous new pair from the very cool Gravity Pope.



Bye Bye old boots, you were great. HELLO NEW BOOTS!

And here are the INSANE Nicholas Kirkwood platforms. HEART EYES TIL I DIE. But that price tag… YIKES…

VJPV0517 copy.jpg

Katie’s plans for the road trip are coming together thanks to the Mountain Collective Pass that is super affordable and makes a super rad roadmap for two idiots who want to hit the slopes.


Skiing Style Goals

Ashleigh was getting ready for KNOWSHOW, a huge clothing and lifestyle trade show that supports the ski/surf/snow/outdoor markets. Trade shows are a huge part of the industry and is, unlike other trade shows, actually pretty fun.


Fashion PR and Publicity is a massive part of the fashion industry that employs a ton of people and looks like way less work than it is. Let’s get into it!

The topic of PR came to the fore thanks to Kelly Cutrone and her book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside:


BB Kelly Cutrone

The colour orange also came up, at length, in particular this one, from Evan’s Hey Jude collaboration, and how one decision as easy as colour can be worth a lengthy discussion about branding:

hey jude evan.png

Ashleigh got her start with Eco-Fashion Week here in Vancouver where a wonderful partnership with Evan developed (for example, the skirt in the billboard ad below is Evan’s).


Press releases are a big part of publicity and PR – Ashleigh recommends the London Fashion Week website as a great resource to find well-written, inspiring, concise press releases. Check the Press Portal for some insight into what a good press release should look like.

london fashion week.png

One of Ashleigh’s favourite moments in PR was coordinating Evan’s Iconoclast collection and the show at East Van Studios. Time to toot our own horns!

iconoclast show east van studio.jpg

It was at this show that Once Upon A Time star Lana Parilla saw the dress she would wear to TIFF later that year:


As well as the dress she wore on the red carpet for the season 4 premiere of Once Upon A Time:

Our current obsessions this week cover a wide range of beautiful and inspiring.

For instance, Abby introduces us to The Jealous Curator and her podcast Art For Your EarIn particular, the episode with Wayne White – set designer for Pee-Wee Herman, among many other cool things – was burning a hole in her brain and we can see why, based on the trailer for his film Beauty is Embarrassing.


Tiffanie Turner‘s gorgeous, gigantic, paper flowers –


Anthony Zinonos‘ minimalist collages –



Check out her blog for way more art and inspiration as well as the podcasts you are sure to enjoy.

Evan’s discovery of the menswear brand Matthew Miller (@millerdesigns on instagram) became his obsession this week. We can see why.

matthew miller.jpg


Katie got a new wool blanket! A Pendleton National Parks collection Glacier blanket! It is amazing and super soft and is a good enough reason to stay in bed all weekend. PendletonWoolenMills.jpeg

Pendleton ad. Glacier Dec42.jpg

Ashleigh’s obsession is about as far away from Glacier National Park as possible:
Cholo Goth, spotted live in the flesh, in San Francisco.


The band Prayers is a reasonable illustration of the obsession (although not really the music, just the general style). Check out Vice for more.)



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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.



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