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Episode 41: Lyndi Barrett of Style Calling

After months of failures, the Hags finally succeeded in getting our guest Lyndi Barrett of StyleCalling.com into the basement for a hot chat. Turns out all it took was for our schedules to work out! And don’t get too bothered, it was only hot temperature-wise: Lyndi is very cool. And she knows all the best fashion words. Let’s get into it, mmk?


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Before you do anything, check out her gorgeous blog, Style Calling if for nothing other than dreamy pics of her adorable dog Madison. He’s so fancy he lives in a mountain chalet in Whistler. What a gooooood booooooooyyy!!

One of the great words Lyndi knows is Ruana, a drapey scarf-style cover up like this one that Katie found at the East Side Flea. Please ignore the fact that this photo was not taken by a professional or even in a room resembling anything remotely close to professional. If there is one thing the Hags are not, it’s professional.


Lyndi is also a teacher at Blanche MacDonald here in Vancouver. It’s a great school that primarily focusses on esthetics and make-up design but they also have a Fashion Design program that is worth checking out if you are curious about Fashion Schools.


Abby and Katie jointly were obsessed with The Keepers on Netflix. It’s a tough watch but so good. Get ready to get angry enough to pace the floor a few times.

Lyndi is also obsessed with the documentaries on Netflix and with so many to choose from, how can you pick just one?

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.20.53 PM.png

Katie is obsessed with a new pair of shoes she got from MaiwaĀ on Granville Island here in Vancouver. These handmade leather Jutis simply could not be left in the store because I mean, please.

Evan paid a trip to Hey Jude and fell in love with theĀ Boy Smells candles they have available there. His first choice is “Kush” but there are lots of smelly boys to choose from.


For some reason we’ll never understand (yeah right) Abby is obsessed with a new app called Patternator:

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New favorite app! #patternator

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I mean, come on. How could you not?

Thanks so much for listening! You can find Lyndi at StyleCalling.comĀ as well at on facebookĀ and @stylecalling on instagram and twitter. So do that, yes?

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Episode 2: Who Runs the Fashion World? Ladies and Gays!

In Episode 2, the Hags chat about how inclusive the Fashion Industry is towards women and gay men but at the end of the day, rich white dudes still hold all the power. Curses!

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Here’s what came up:

MaiwaĀ on Granville Island in Vancouver hosting shibori indigo workshops in which Abby made this piece that ended up a scarf:

IMG_6725 copy.JPG


Getting our gay on atĀ the Odyssey for Evan’s birthday with our darling friend Madison and more lasers than you could even imagine.


the odyssey.jpg

Hooooooooooh lordy.


Episode Topic: Ladies and Gays
Getting into the realities of inclusivity in the fashion industry: lots of ladies and gay men present but it’s all basically still owned and operated by obscenely rich white men. Cool!

For example, Luxury conglomerate LVMH


which is run by rich white dude Bernard Arnault


Proenza Schouler in Vogue


A very short list of Female Creative Directors/designers:

Donna Karan (at Donna Karan)


and Carol Lim (at Kenzo)


and Phoebe Philo (at CĆ©line)



Current Obsessions
Evan: The True Cost documentary on Netflix

true cost.jpg


BUT! Check out these brands that are creating and manufacturing amazing garments with social ethics and the environment at the forefront of their business model:

PEOPLE TREE out of the UK –


THE REFORMATION out of Los AngelesĀ –

ref logo.png


Sorry Salt Spring IslandĀ marketĀ šŸ˜¦ You are not fabulous.

hippie shit.jpg


Katie: Sabah ShoesĀ in Biarritz Blue



Abby: R-A-W Shoes Blog

raw shoes blog.png


Casadei Resort 2016


Burberry Sneakers that blew Abby’s mind


The iconic Alexander McQueen Armadillo Boots



UnbearablyĀ Important Tidbits and Links

This weird/amazing dog Abby saw that looks like angry dryer lint:



The Business of FashionĀ online magazine – one of the most outstanding resources available online for the fashion obsessed.


Gina Gershon in Hollywood BlockbusterĀ  Lifetime MovieĀ House of Versace



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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.