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Episode 25 – The Real Deal Inside the Fur Industry

Often maligned and even more often misunderstood, we decided with winter upon us we would tackle the subject of fur in the fashion industry. We invited our former design school instructor and fur expert Alexandra Suhner Isenberg to talk about exactly what goes on at fur farms around the world and Evan speaks to his family’s deep connection to the fur trade in Manitoba.

We realize this is can be a polarizing and deeply emotional subject for a lot of people. A big part of why we wanted to talk about it was because the breadth and depth of misinformation out there can be overwhelming. We aren’t looking to change opinions necessarily,  we are just trying to make sure that more of  what actually happens in fur farming and manufacturing can be known.

We are firm believers in the idea of informed opinions so we hope you can be open to listening to this discussion and hearing us out. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions but know that we will not tolerate or respond to any posts or messages the include graphic images of animals or insults. Just, be cool okay? Don’t be a jerk.

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