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Episode 78: Fashion As Rebellion

Fashion has always been a rebellious act, from those who create it, to those who refuse to embrace it, to those who actively reject it. Rebels continually push things forward to new limits and new directions by updating the status quo, but rebellion doesn’t have to be as obvious as wearing a torn jean jacket with safety pins and a mile high mohawk, even though that’s pretty fun. It can be as subtle as buying clothes from a small business run by POC, and, obviously, everything in between. Let’s take a big ol’ dive into it, shall we?
Get those fists in the air, Hags! Or not, it’s up to you.

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FYI – the Viktor and Rolf show that Abby mentioned can be seen here. A taste (from vogue.com) of how great this collection was:

viktor and rolf.png

Photo: Alessandro Viero / Gorunway.com

Obsessions time.
Katie has two this week, coming from two very different directions. First, she went down a real rabbit hole of “Glitch in the Matrix” stories, mostly from this list of 100 good ones taken from Reddit (where you can really kill a few hours). Here’s a couple samples:

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 11.36.07 AM.pngScreen Shot 2019-02-17 at 11.35.54 AM.png

On a lighter note, she is also obsessed with Lizzo and her song Juice that she performed on Ellen (that flute solo!). FYI this song will be in your head for a few days and you will feel better for it:

Also check out her official music video (no flute solo, sad face, but still so great):

Evan is obsessed with a CBC podcast called The Secret Life of Canada, a fun history podcast about Canadian stories that we don’t know. The episode about Bay blankets is a great one, and you can listen to it here.


Abby is obsessed with the amazing collaboration between Canada Goose and 14 Inuit seamstresses in the Arctic as a way to “Honour The North.” The project is called Project Atigi and the parkas that were created are absolutely gorgeous. Follow the link and take a look at all the designs and images because they are truly works of art.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 11.58.30 AM

image from canadagoose.com

The facebook and instagram comments are something to behold so if you want to jump into that, check out their Facebook page and instagram page @CanadaGoose.

That’s it, Hags! Thanks for listening.

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Bye bye.


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