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Episode 77: Shifting Landscapes of Shopping and Social Media

Have you ever been seduced by a weird Instagram ad? Or a product some random “influencer” posted about? The answer is probably yes! But why tho? We dig in and talk about how Instagram is dominating how consumers are shopping these days. Peel your eyeballs away from your phone for a few mins and come join us, yes?

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We have the usual round of obsessions, starting with a double header from Katie. First of all, since she’s been out sick, she’s been watching the entire 2 full seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix. It’s just a feel good time, right? Just, love, all the time, every day right?

Also on Netflix (thanks, awful debilitating cold) is the new Natasha Lyonne show Russian Doll. Best not to know too much if you haven’t seen it yet, but here’s the trailer (don’t be fooled…):


Evan is obsessed with another Netflix situation, Black Earth Rising. It’s a deep and dark one:

Abby is obsessed with the instagram account @lagrossetoile which features vintage and antique textiles, primarily from France. And there are some truly amazing images (and rants!) that are worth checking out. Here’s a good one:

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This is a tale of fil, and this post is for you @ratatouilledesigns. Language is a slippery thing. Ever since I first started this small business I have had some moments with certain words, and one of them is 'fil'. Fil literally means thread – so far, so good. But on occasion I have picked up something in the brocante and the seller has said “that's fil”. Oh, said I, the first time, it feels like linen. “Oui, c'est du fil de lin”. Ok, easy. So 'fil' is the finest linen, before batiste. But then, another day, I picked up a blouse. “C'est fil”, said the seller, but it clearly wasn't linen. No, it was fil de coton. Ok, so fil now means the finest of of either linen or cotton, and the content needs to be specified. And then these sheets. They feel like linen, very beautiful linen. “C'est du fil”, said the seller, but then my friend Martine said that it was indeed fil but maybe there was cotton in it too. Ok, I give up. And then the Resident Textile Expert pointed out that there is the content of the fabric (linen, cotton, hemp etc) and there is the weave (twill, tabby, herringbone, warp etc) and then there is the quality. Originally, I think both 'fil' and 'batiste' referred to linen – remember that France never grew cotton, and it wasn't until she began first trading overseas and then colonising countries where cotton did grow that this fibre entered the market in any great volume. The indigenous cloth in France was linen and hemp. Over time, these words came to designate the fine-ness of something, the quality of the fabric, rather than specifically the fibre content. 'Toile' the word in my business name, is the same. It really means canvas, but has come to mean any length of a certain weight of cloth. Anyway, these two sheets. They are pure heavy linen, verified by Resident Textile Expert. They are gorgeous quality, and date I think from around 1915. No monogramme on either of them, one has a motif of sunflowers and the other of daisies. The one with the sunflowers is slightly finer linen and has also some very beautiful handstitched mitred corners. It measures 243x328cm and is €115. The daisy sheet is 226x302cm and is €100. Message me 🙂

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