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Episode 76: Why Do All Ethical Brands Look The Same?

In this episode, we delve into the aesthetics of “ethical” fashion brands and how they make shapeless sacks and then charge $400 for them. We also highlight the underlying (and often subconscious) ways that racism can permeate how these brands market themselves. FUN TIMES!


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Have listen if you’re so inclined.


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This week’s obsessions:

Katie is obsessed with an absolutely beautiful painting she just received of one of her most favourite places in the whole world by a very talented family friend and artist, Claude Boocock. Find more of her work on instagram @claudeboocock  or on her website cboocock.com.

Evan is obsessed with couple things this week. First is a new makeup palette from Two Faced called Just Peachy, in matte.


Secondly, he is obsessed with a new doc on Netflix called Larger Than Life which is about famed makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. Get ready for a 90’s throwback and wiping tears without smudging your mascara.

Abby is obsessed with puzzles (nerd alert) and is currently working on this 90’s puzzle from White Mountain.


Thanks to all you Hags for listening!

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Bye bye.


One thought on “Episode 76: Why Do All Ethical Brands Look The Same?

  1. Laura J says:

    I loved your discussion this podcast. It was such an interesting topic.

    What was the name of the “Constant Closet” instagram you talked about on this episode? I cannot find it.


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