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Episode 74: Perfumer Jenny Amber of Oenone

This episode has been a long time coming. Way back in March (or April? who’s counting), Katie met Jenny Amber of Oenone Perfume (pronounced ee-no-nee) and they instantly connected over fragrances, fashion, podcasting, and general good times. Ever since, they have tried to connect to chat with the rest of the Hags about the mystery that is perfume making. Finally, here we are, with the Hags all in tow, and what an absolute delight this episode is. Who knew perfume making was so magical, alchemical, existential, physical, and emotional? Jenny did, as it turns out.

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Of course, there’s always time to obsess. This week, Katie is obsessed with her husband’s new artist’s shop on Threadless (which is a thing now!) called Big Fun’s Boutik where his amazing and hilarious drawings are available on t-shirts, totes, hoodies, mugs, you name it. A personal favourite is Stay Woke which is available in lots of colours and variations. Take a look at the shop, especially if you like pop culture/cartoons mashups, fink-style illustrations, puns, and supporting local artists.


stay woke 2.png

woke pillow.png

Evan is obsessed with the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (because it is just so good!). The costumes! The set design! Don’t get him started.

Abby is obsessed with hilarious book Vacationland by the hilarious John Hodgman because it is hilarious (and the cover design is terrific):


Jenny is obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5, HUNTIES. If there was any doubt of Jenny’s Hag-ness (which there wasn’t) it has completely evaporated with this obsession.


All the thanks in the world to Jenny for chatting with us about her passion and teaching us a thing or two about perfume, it was such a treat! You can find Jenny on instagram @oenone.perfume and we’ll keep you posted on her website (coming soon!) so you can get your hands on her magical fragrances.

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