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Episode 62: Dad Denim with Chris Garnham

We are thrilled to be back from an accidental hiatus that we all survived (despite the “major motor vehicle accident”) and we could not be happier. So sorry to our loving listeners for the dry spell and thanks so much for joining us again.

Here’s what’s up. It’s Dad time. Our first and biggest fan, Katie’s Dad, Chris Garnham has joined us for an episode to talk about shopping for denim, the history of denim from a guy who just wants cardboard pants again, and of course, the major motor vehicle accident. It’s almost too much to handle but we’re pretty sure you can do it. Come on it, Hags! It’s tea time.


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Don’t think Dad didn’t come with an obsession! He knows how the cookie crumbles. First up, Katie is obsessed with linen knit since it’s back to summer temperatures. She just acquired this sweet tank from Frank and Oak and it’s a new summer staple:

Fluid Tank.png

But more than that, Katie is obsessed with the bright colours and heavy lines of local artist Sandeep Johal. Her work is beautiful but also thoughtful, powerful, feminist, and brings a new perspective to existing imagery. It hits all the marks.

Check out her instagram (@sandeepjohalart) for all her lovely work and updates on projects, including a new mural on Granville Island. (Her drawing work of powerful female Indian figures Hard Kaur can be found here.)

Evan is obsessed with Joshua Whitehead‘s newest book Johnny AppleseedPrepare for some sexy and enlightening and heartbreaking and beautiful summer reading about the indigiqueer experience and get hawt.


Abby is obsessed with her new Beaton Linen Indigo coveralls for obvious reasons (and because she’s been waiting oh so patiently for a month to get them):

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.03.04 PM

Chris is obsessed with his Gnome Home teardrop trailer that travelled all the way to Arizona and back. Because who wants to sleep on the ground in a dumb tent anyway?

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.15.11 PM.png

Check out more teardrop trailers on their website, where this image is from.

Thanks a million zillion to Chris for being such a great sport and being our guest; we are thrilled that you would come talk smack with us. Thanks to our listeners for listening and subscribing, rating, and reviewing.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 62: Dad Denim with Chris Garnham

  1. Pardube says:

    Hello Hags! Needed to tell you how much I enjoyed Mr Garnam’s Jean journey! It had us laughing out loud swear to god.keep up the great podcasts. Much love, Madame xox The deepest part of the river won’t freeze. ~Dubé


  2. Pardube says:

    hey Katie and pals,this is hit me today because I am 55, because I love colour and I wish I had bought a Kate Spade handbag… And because creative minds are unicorns. Take care of yourselves.a hag in jasperpxx

    The deepest part of the river won’t freeze. ~Dubé


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