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Episode 13: Tea with model and muse, witchy Willow!

For lucky Episode 13, the Hags brought in Evan’s muse, model and all-around lady pal, Willow for a few cups of tea! Tangents and swear words abound!


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You’ll recognize her from nearly every show Evan has done as well as the Eco-Fashion Week Chic Sheets challenge.


By the way, you can still vote until April 30 so go do that HERE! You can vote every day so go do it! There is an actual cash prize for the winner of the challenge that will happily go towards paying the costs of this show as well as Evan’s upcoming collection. Don’t we know, nothing comes for free, honey!

First off, for the first time in years, Abby made something for herself! A lovely little pinafore dress! And it’s adorable!


Katie is FED UP with waking up to her building manager using an effing leaf blower at full volume every morning. Just stop it. Use a broom. Stop being wasteful and loud and obnoxious and lazy. Leaf blowers are the ultimate not-my-problem solution to a problem that is only sometimes actually a problem. So stop it.


Time for Tea! A full explanation from Willow and Evan about the nitty gritty of ‘tea-ness’ ie: hot topics. First cup, a re-hashing of Eco Fashion week and the behind the scenes drama of every fashion show.


Once again, Evan’s submission to the Chic Sheets Challenge, worn by the fabulous Willow:

The Chic Sheets Challenge – shout out to all the other designers who participated:  Connally McDougal, Evan Clayton, Kim Cathers, Rachelle Love, Sarah Couture, Tammy Joe, and Jules Francisco – and the ability to actually sit and watch a show this year! Rarely happens for these two.

PS – the swirl!


One of the highlights was Dahlia Drive‘s show, produced by All My Relations Entertainment, that featured original Haida artwork by renowned artist Reg Davidson and spectacular cedar weaving (into an effing CONE BRA!) by Marlene Liddle that involved traditional drumming and singing. Check her out on instagram @Haida_cedar_bark_weaver for more amazing images of her work. An amazing show and an amazing collaboration – doing everything right! (Also check out Marlene’s sister Georgia Bennett on Instagram @haida_weaver – she made the Ravens tail headdresses featured in the show!)

For more images check out their Instagram @dahliadriveclothing and for more info, check out their website dahliadrive.com.

Willow mentioned the Congolese Fashion Week and it is worth checking out! Follow the link here and learn about a fashion alternative to what we see constantly (ie: European ie: white people ie: colonial) here in North America.


how beautiful is this?! courtesy of congofashionweek.com

One tangent we got down and dirty on stewardship and the complicated issue of unceded land here in Vancouver and across BC and Canada. Check out the documentary Jumbo Wild on Netflix for one example of proposed failure to do good work with our land.

Willow’s entrance into modelling was a bit different than the usual spotted-by-a-talent-scout kind of route but the need for strong, confident women in the lives of all women has been a lasting motivator. An eye-opening experience with her younger sister and a conversation about body image allowed her to re-examine the modelling industry and how her works connects to the larger picture. Check out some of the work she’s done for Evan in particular:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Willow is obsessed with instagram meme-guru @gothshakira


as well as the Complicity and Complexity: Realities of Racism conference she attended at UBC, where she was pretty pissed about the number of people who didn’t know what “unceded” meant, especially at a University, especially on the West Coast of BC. For those who don’t know, we googled it for you. Please feel free to school up lest you run into Willow in a dark alley and she schools you herself.unceded.png

Katie’s obsession came full circle when she found a rad little roadrunner pin that she should have bought in Colorado but didn’t and never forgave herself. Until she found THIS rad little roadrunner pin at the East Van Flea market! Huzzah!


Abby finally watched the Chris Farley documentary, I Am Chris Farleywhich can be found on iTunes. Get ready to cry-laugh.

Evan has been in the deep chasm of the design studio and has used the Shania Twain Las Vegas show to pull himself out of the depths. I dare you not to find some level of joy in this craziness:


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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.


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