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Episode 1: Meet the Hags! And Chat Fashion Shows

Welcome to the Fashion Hags Podcast!

This blog is your guide to each episode as they are released so you can follow along (or not, you do you).
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Here’s what happened in Episode 1:


We are all hopped up on adrenaline and vodka, ready to record!

The Fashion Industry and what the big deal is:

fashion united stats

Global Statistics for the Fashion Industry. It’s not just about being pretty.

Click the photo to get to the source (courtesy of fashionunited.com)


Evan Ducharme Studio (he’s not just a charming host!)


evan ducharme

Introduction to the Hags: Katie, Evan and Abby and how they met in Fashion School. The phrase “meet cute” fits the bill perfectly.

fashion school museum of florence

Fashion School.

October 2010 Vogue Magazine featuring Carrie Mulligan.


Episode Topic: Fashion Shows

Why they are kind of dumb but we still love them always and forever.  Celebrity nonsense, the immense amount of work that goes into them, and a bunch of other highly valuable information interspersed with tangents and swear words.

celebrity front row

 Current Obsessions

Evan: Valentino’s Resort 2016 collection featuring work by Metis artist Christi Belcourt and her work Water Song


Read about it on The Globe and Mail
or read about it on APTN
or read about it on CBC

and check out the beautiful designs it inspired:


Katie: the 1991 Documentary Paris Is Burning (which is available in its entirety on Youtube):

paris is burning blog pic

Mad wisdom from Drag Mother to all Dorian Corey

baji girl blog

Expand your cultural vocabulary! (You’re welcome BTW)

Abby: Viktor and Rolf’s Fall 2015 Couture Collection



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