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Episode 37: How Dat T-Shirt Get Made?

Have you seen our T-shirt? You really should, it’s outstanding. ORDER HERE!

Speaking of T-shirts, how do they get from soft little cotton balls to your body? This episode we looking into all the steps, machines, transportation and hands that make that happen. It might just be more complicated than you think!


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Evan hung out at Eco Fashion Week and got on TV! His mom is so proud. Check him and former guest Willow in this episode of ET Canada at 13:19 minutes in.



Abby finally put that effing dresser together and then went crazy at the new COS store here in town.

Trying on pretty much the entire store 😜😜😜 @cosstores

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Katie almost cut a bitch over a vintage snowsuit at the Eastside Flea and good thing she didn’t because it was Parker Posey!

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Now that the dust has settled – on to T-SHIRTS! From the fields of Tennessee to Indonesia to Bangladesh to the floor of your local store, Planet Money has a great breakdown of how it’s all done. Check it out and listen to their podcast series about it too.

Maker’s Row also has a great article with some visuals about the process.

Here’s a video about how the cotton goes from it’s natural state to yarn:


And here is some footage of mesmerizing knitting machines that make the fabric that will be turned in to clothing. This can be super technical and very complex depending on the end product desired so here is one boring, albeit useful clip and then a beautiful clip from Chanel to make up for it.


Don’t think we’d forget about OBSESSIONS…

Abby has her finger on the pulse and tore through S-Town from NPR in a matter of days.



Katie is also super on top of things and is finally finishing Downton Abbey (Geesh, Garnham welcome to the 21st century!)


Evan devoured Big Little Lies and is firmly in the pro camp for Nicole Kidman so just deal with it, mmmkay?


And one more time for the people in the back WE GOT SUPER SWEET T-SHIRTS! You should totally get one! Tons more info at The Hag Shop.



Thank-you all so much for listening! Catch us next time 🙂

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 36: Official Fashion Hags T-Shirt with Lindsay Chetek

We officially have a Fashion Hags T-shirt! It is a limited edition tee that is available RIGHT NOW at The Hag Shop (thehagshop.tictail.com). There are 50 available until April 28 at 4:00pm PST at which point they will be ordered, straight up, just for you. Get on it!

In this episode we are joined by Lindsay Chetek, a Vancouver-based graphic and textile designer who started this whole t-shirt ball rolling.

Shall we get into it? Why yes we fucking shall.


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Evan broke all his promises and went out very late to a friendly neighbourhood drag show. You can google Pu$$y Melk on your own and feel free to delete your browser history at your convenience. The video evidence has been lost to Instagram stories so we’ll have to settle for the still life photographic version:

my boys 💋

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Katie spent some time with the in-laws (boring) and Abby put some more time and energy into the Tarva, which can, apparently, go suck a big D.

tarva IMG_6177


Podcast guest Lindsay is planning a trip to Japan and we are all extremely jealous. Muji, anyone?

So. The fun stuff now.
Lindsay reached out to the Hags back in November about making a Hag shirt and of course we were completely on board.

Side note, this:

strong woman real quick.png


She proposed some ideas and we chit-chatted it all out and came up with a goddamn powerful Fashion Hags t-shirt. You can buy one here. It looks like this and it is dope as shit:




Bella + Canvas is the supplier we decided on and chose a Relaxed fit Black Cotton t-shirt.
For more information on their company and their social responsibility, take a look at their website here. Our shirts will be 100% cotton, super soft, not too tight, and something that the Hags themselves would buy to wear. As fashion snobs, we wanted to be sure that we were putting out something legit.

We chose a local printer in Vancouver called Visual Impact so they are printed right here in the hood.

The font of the shirt is called Majesti Banner and it came from a small font foundry called Lost Type Co-op. Support your local font artists and when you use a font, throw some money at them! We are throwing a percentage of our sales to the artist ($55 for the commercial license) so as it turns out, when you buy our shirt, you are helping for it.


Our size chart is here (and also on the shop):

size chart.png


  • 100% combed and ring-spun cotton Relaxed Fit Bella + Canvas tee in Solid Black
  • Machine wash cold water and hang to dry for longest life
  • Tee is made in the USA, printed in Canada
  • Relaxed fit so it’s not hella tight on the titties
  • Technically it’s a women’s cut but Evan is still going to rock it at the Cobalt on Friday nights

Size Small:
-Bust (1″ below armhole laid flat): 18.5″
-Front Length (High Shoulder Point to Hem): 25.25″

Size Medium:
-Bust (1″ below armhole laid flat): 20″
-Front Length (High Shoulder Point to Hem): 26″

Size Large:
-Bust (1″ below armhole laid flat): 22″
-Front Length (High Shoulder Point to Hem): 26.75″

Size X-Large:
-Bust (1″ below armhole laid flat): 24″
-Front Length (High Shoulder Point to Hem): 27.5″

Price Breakdown (rounded, per unit)
  $15.00 = cost of printed shirt
+  $2.00 = cost of shipping from Toronto
$17.00 = shirt cost
   x    2  = markup
$34.00 = total shirt cost after markup
+ $6.00 = base shipping estimated coverage from Vancouver to customer*
  $40.00 = Total

Where The Markup Goes
All items you buy are marked up at a certain rate to cover the costs to bring that item to you as a customer. Usually it is around 2 – 2.5 times the cost per unit.
In our case, the markup is going to:
– artist’s fee (generously being donated to local Vancouver charity Dress For Success)
– font artist’s contribution (Majesti Banner by Joe Prince)
– podcast hosting fee
– website and domain hosting fee
– PayPal transaction fees (2.9% + $0.30 per Canadian transaction; 3.7% + $0.30 for US transactions)
– a nice little something for Dave for editing the show and providing technical sound equipment
– a bottle of bubbly to toast to our amazing listeners
– hopefully to help cover the costs of some more merch or maybe a live event? Only time will tell 🙂

*a small additional shipping cost will be added to cover our base shipping costs. Shipping in Canada is very expensive and $6.00 is not enough to cover it all for all our customers. The additional shipping helps cover those customers who live anywhere from Iqaluit, Nunavut, to South Dildo, Newfoundland and all the way to Duck Key, Florida. We are not able to ship to all countries so if you are having trouble, please email us at fashionhags@gmail.com.

The Important Fine Print:

  • Shirts are made to order; we will only print those that have been ordered. As such, all sales are final.
  • Item will not ship until early May and may take a week or two to arrive, depending on delivery address. You will be notified when your order ships out but do not expect it to arrive until mid-May 2017. If the tees sell out early, we will ship them early so tell your friends!
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to issue any returns or exchanges* so make sure to double check your size before placing your order!
  • All sales are final so if you have any questions, email us at fashionhags@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help ya’ll out!

*some countries in Europe are legally entitled to make a return on an item purchased online if it does not meet their standards. Of course, the Hag Shop will abide by this legislation, however, costs associated with making a return are up to the customer, not The Hag Shop. For more info, see our Terms and Conditions at the Shop.
Please feel free to comment or send us an email if you have any questions about this whole process. We are very excited about all the things we can move forward with on this project – maybe a pin? a patch? a tote? a hoodie? a phone case? The possibilities are endless.

Once again, go to The Hag Shop and select the shirt you want. The two options are for North American customers and customers outside of Canada and the US – please select the one appropriate to your location as the shipping options won’t work otherwise.
Then shop away, hunnies! The sooner we hit our 50 mark, the sooner we can send them out!


Obsessions time, y’all.

On Katie’s trip to Vancouver Island, she took advantage of her father-in-law’s garage shop and made a rad wooden comb out of some beautiful walnut hardwood that has changed the hair-combing game:

walnut comb.png

Evan has been eating a lot of Celebrations cookies to feel like a fancy tea-time lady:


Abby has been enlightened to the instagram @thatpoppy and can’t look away because what the fuck:

Accessories YouTube.com/Poppy poppy.computer

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Lindsay came ready with an obsession and it is 100% Hag approved: the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is out!

Thanks again for listening and check out the Hag Shop at TheHagShop.tictail.com and buy your official shirt! Tell us what you think if you want, we love to hear from your darlings.

Many thanks to Lindsay for all the things and for coming on this episode!

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