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Episode 65: Feminism in Fashion with Graphic Designer Madison Reid

Hello hello hello!

Who else is living their lives with their fists in the air? Or at least reading about people with their fists in the air? Or perhaps, wearing shirts of fists in the air?
In this episode, we kiki with local graphic designer and creator of the feminist brand Only Child Apparel, Madison Reid! We want to hash out what the deal is with this whole “trend” of feminism on the runways and what it actually means.

Do we feel icky about it? Yes and no.
Does it actually help the movement? Jury’s still out.
Do we all own a shirt with a feminist message on it? You’re goddamn right we do.

Let’s figure it out together, shall we?



Image from Madison’s etsy shop, Only Child Apparel



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No episode is complete without obsessions! This go around, Evan is obsessed with hilarious podcast Whimsically Volatile by favourite drag queen Katya (and guests!). It is so funny, so silly, so full of Katya, it’s easy to get all those dishes done with this in your earbuds.



Abby is obsessed with her effing phone not having enough storage for all her effing photos. What the eff, Apple? A constant battle.


Katie is obsessed with hilarious CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek. Dan Levy, you have an open invitation to be on the podcast any time you want (also to be Evan’s boyfriend but that’s another matter) and Catherine O’Hara, you have always had a place in Katie’s heart as a comedy genius (and for the absolute pride of sharing a name with said comedy genius). This show is just so great.

schitts creek cbc.png

Madison is obsessed with getting some good old fashioned self care – she deserves it! Running your own business, working full time, taking on haters, and maintaining absolutely stunning curly blond hair takes a lot of work. Check out her amazing feminist and rebellious designs at her etsy shop Only Child Apparel and see her work at many events around Vancouver this summer and fall.

One last plug! Madison is helping organize a sex positive pop-up shop in Vancouver’s gastown district on July 21 and 21 called Cream! Check it out and support locals artists, sex workers, LGBTQ folks, and queer organization QMUNITY. Want to be a vendor? Check out their facebook event page for all the deets.

Address is 434 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC, July 21 and 22. Get on it!


Thanks for listening and huge thanks to Madison for joining us! Stay outraged, everyone!

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Bye bye.


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