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Episode 53: What’s up with Black Friday


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Well, actually it’s not until the end of the week and actually maybe it’s already started but maybe it’s also going to last a whole weekend so what’s the deal with Black Friday anyway? In this episode, the Hags dig into the whole gong show that is holiday shopping and everyone’s favourite day to either completely avoid or completely dive in: Black Friday.

Give it a listen, yes?

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Image result for black friday shopping gif

Aside from being obsessed with gifs of Black Friday shopping madness, the Hags have some regular obsessions too. First off, Katie just burned through the book-turned-Netflix-show-to-keep-you-up-at-night Mindhunter by John Douglas. If you like true crime and don’t mind reading some disturbing and crazy stories, and/or if you’ve already binged the show, give it a read.


Just quick for a second, Evan is obsessed with Murder on the Orient Express and Michelle Pfeiffer in particular. Go see it on a cold day and be thankful we can fly places in the winter now.

But for really reals Evan’s obsession is an academic book by Kim Anderson called A Recognition of Being. It’s a study in “nativeness” and womanhood and despite the so -called academic style of writing, it’s a very accessible and informative book. (Thank goodness Evan is around to elevate the caliber of this highly serious, extremely serious, very serious and most of all, serious, podcast. Just kidding, we love talking about this stuff and learning more about our culture as Canadians and allies of all kinds.)


Lastly, to bring things up to the highest of high brows, Abby is obsessed with instagrammer and comic artist Dami Lee because she is delightful.

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The chart is always right

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Check out her tumblr too at As-Per-Usual.tumblr and have a laugh at it all, yes?

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