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Episode 50: Fashion As Art with Doug Watt

Fashion and art have long been connected and it’s hard to say exactly which came first. Sort of a chicken/egg situation. We decided to crack some eggs and fry some chicken with artist and friend of the podcast Doug Watt to see how far to the bottom we could get on this.

Listen here if you are so inclined!


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Yves St Laurent’s 1965 Mondrian collection is one of the most obvious examples of art and fashion coming together. It is an exact alignment of Piet Mondrian’s work and St Laurent’s keen eye for the modern. There are many examples like this throughout the history of fashion but this one is one of the most recognizable and the best known marriage of the two.


Viktor and Rolf’s 2015 couture collection is equally as literal and no less stunning than Yves, 60 years after Yves’ hit the catwalk.

Alexander McQueen connected art and fashion in a truly show stopping display with his 1999 S/S show in which he literally painted the dress Shalom Harlowe was wearing in the finale of the show. Perhaps the most literal of all examples:

Go do some searching of your own for other examples because there are more than can be counted.

Evan is obsessed with native model and mega babe Rick Mora (@nativerickmora):

Katie is obsessed with the film The Battle Of the Sexes because it is just so great and heartwarming and heartbreaking and wonderful. Just go watch it.

Abby is obsessed with these “sewless” designs from Design + Conquer. Made from cork, they are cut all in one piece and then folded around the body. Insane!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.31.12 PM

Thanks for listening and a big thanks to Doug for sitting down with us to talk for such a great discussion! Come back sometime, yes?

Thanks for listening!

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