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Episode 42: Exploring Factories with Olivia Hayward

Hi hi hi, Hag hunnies!

Ever wonder what the inside of a clothing factory looks like? Well all you have to do is listen to this episode to hear all about it! We invited friend of the podcast Olivia Hayward to kiki about her recent trip to Asia to do just that.



This week, as always, the Hags are obsessed.

Olivia has recently been reunited with her melodica, not unlike this one, an instrument that you may or may not have known existed:


Evan is obsessed with Maya Angelou, and after telling us why, we completely understand. Take a look at this video from Bill Clinton’s inauguration:

And also a documentary on Netflix about how much of a goddess she is, called Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise and good luck getting anything else done today.

Abby has been obsessed with ground-breaking instagram @ifyouhigh because we want to cover all the bases. Get a load of this freaky shit!

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Katie is obsessed with hew new Spy Bag from Market Canvas Leather because her bestest friend made it by hand and it is goddamn beautiful. Don’t not check the online store because there is something there you like and you are supporting a rad lady and a rad business. (She also has a great instagram too: @marketcanvasleather so do that also.image_ca70b611-7cfa-4a09-9d19-9ba09e485fb8_1024x1024.jpg

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