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Episode 38: The Superball of Fashion



One of the most glamorous, stupendous and ridiculous nights in the entire fashion industry is almost upon us – the MET GALA. The First Monday in May is when the high and mighty fashion influencers come out in all their finery and sashay up a giant stairway to get the picture taken (and to raise some $ for the Met Museum, but that’s secondary). Got $25,000? Maybe you can go too.


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But firsts – KIKI!

Evan got to schmooze with Pamela Anderson at an event promoting Vivienne Westwood’s “Save the Arctic” campaign. He was schwitzing his balls off but looked GREAT.


Abby & Katie got to play coworkers and participate in a “QC” at the factory here in Vancouver that manufactures for the company that Katie  – and now Abby! – work for. A room full of dust and machines and piles and piles of fabric? SIGN US UP!



And now for our feature –

Haven’t seen the First Monday in May yet? DO IT, YOU FOOL!


This year’s museum exhibition is celebrating and chronicling the work of Rei Kawakubo and her brand Comme des Garçons, one of the most influential and straight up fucking weird fashion brands to ever exist. This was one of her most recent collections –


One of the most memorable and successful exhibitions was the McQueen “Savage Beauty” back in 2011.  More than 650,000 people went to see it.


The theme of the ball reflect the subject of the exhibition that year, and sometimes it’s a smashing success and sometimes it misses the mark…


Claire Danes wore glow-in-the-dark Zac Posen in 2016


Karolina Kurkova wore Marchesa x IBM that interacted with social media

I don’t think this was what they had on mind went the museum asked for technology and textiles.

SJP does it RIGHT in McQueen with McQueen himself, in his family tartan at the Anglomania show in 2006



And the Punk: Chaos to Couture show  in 2013 had some ups and downs –


And we can’t recommend The Eye Has to Travel enough. Just watch it already.



Abby’s finally figured out Snapchat. Well, the filters at least…


Katie bought the Planet Earth series so she can watch anytime, anywhere!


Evan found an old doc about Drag Balls from the late 1960s called “The Queen”, we gotta watch this one.


And one more time for the people in the back WE GOT SUPER SWEET T-SHIRTS! You should totally get one! Tons more info at The Hag Shop.



Thank-you all so much for listening! Catch us next time 🙂

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