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Episode 29: Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

Heeeeeey everybody! Episode 29! Approaching the dirty thirty – a phrase that should go into a dumb hole forever – but we have reason for exclamation points! We have a guest! For a semi-heavy topic! It’s gonna be fun, y’all!

We are talking about cultural appropriation in fashion – a light topic, we know – and we invited friend and super dope guest Vee Pho to chit chat – nay, kiki – about POC, fashion, and what the shit everyone is doing wrong.


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First off the top, Evan is every the werq-ing girl, preparing for Christmas and holidays, despite the leaky roofs.

Abby is getting festive and excited about the snow that threatens to collapse everything Vancouverites know and love. Let the gingerbread house building begin!


Katie has also been prepping for the holidays and learning new words like “kiki” from Evan with thanks to the gays to whom we owe so much. (We actually talk like this, btw. Shout out to Little Edie.).


Let’s get into the full kiki, shall we?

Cultural appropriation is rampant in these here parts despite the fact that our Canadian experience is a wee bit different than our neighbours to the South. We are hoping to open  up some dialogue about this super intricate subject and we have an Asian lady and a Metis dude to start things off.
In fashion, designers of days gone by have always looked to other cultures for inspiration. Shit gets tricky when you use that inspiration to make some sweet sweet cash off it without giving credit or any kind of due to those from whom the work has been used.

You know that feeling when you work super hard on a group project and some jerkoff who did nothing but got a rad grade on it? It’s kinda like that. But way more complicated.

Here’s a great example (and a bunch of other great articles about it):


KTZ straight up stole this design from an inuit shaman’s family and then “apologized” for it.

Another fun example is DSquared2’s DSquaw (I’m serious) collection that apparently they did also “apologize” for that is so effing offensive that Katie wrote a piece on her blog about it.

And yet, Urban Outfitters still doesn’t seem to get it.


For more info, check out this article.


Also this dumb shit for Coachella and festival culture. (Image is from Huffington Post – just google “urban outfitters controversy” and hold on to your hat.

Victoria’s Secret, don’t EVEN GET ME STARTED.



Watch We Were Children for a completely depressing and horrifying look at the way Canada treated its First Nations children. It’s seriously fucked up.


If you want to learn more (which you absolutely should), do some research on Residential schools and I absolutely recommend reading Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian please please please.



Speaking of the Olympics, Corrine Hunt is an amazing Tlingit and Komoyue artist from Alert Bay who designed the medals for the 2010 games. So. Fucking. Cool.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.04.28 PM.png

Screen shot from corrinehunt.ca. Check out her work, it’s amazing!


Please please please comment below on what you think about this topic as we barely scratched the surface and it needs to be on the table. We do not have all the answers but we want to open a conversation. We are just two ladies and a dude (with the help of another lady) who are trying to do things right.

Start with doing the work to teach yourself when you are curious about other cultures and NOT getting that Chinese character tattoo you think is dope as hell. It isn’t. If you are white, sometimes it’s better to just sit back and listen, mmk?

PS – check this blog out as a good place to start learning! NativeAppropriations.com is a cool resource.


Vee speaks right from the heart – and you can tell she means it – about her love/hate relationship with Subway veggie subs. They give her life, but they also frustrate the shit out of her!




Katie discovers Reductress – an amahzing place for a good old laugh/cry about what  it means to be a woman these days.


Evan’s obsession is also one shared by the lovely Vee – a documentary on Netflix about mass incarceration, Jim Crow, and the link between slavery and modern institutionalized racism. Not a knee-slapping good time but worth it none the less.


And to chase that, Abby shares her love of tiny dogs yet again with the instagram account Cheeky Chis. She had been calling it “Cheeky Chris” but just now realized thats totally not what its called! DOI OI OI OI. Anyway. Cute dogs abound so if you’re feeing down, check these pups out, they will make you feel better guaranteed.


Abby’s FAVOURITE. Kilo!



Thanks for listening!

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.



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