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Episode 22: Fashion School Stitch n’ Bitch

Hi Gang! So sorry for the delay in getting this episode out! Life happened and we had to respond accordingly.


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Catching up, Evan celebrated a birthday but more importantly, QUIT HIS JOB!
It went something like this, at least in our minds:


Congrats, Evan! No more retail, ever again.

Abby, still pregnant, is stuck in compression socks and trying to catch them on. Vim and Vigr is a company that is trying to do the same, although not as cool as we want them to be.  Come on, where’s the pizza print?

More importantly, she got a kid-free getaway to LA, staying at the supremely cool Standard Hotel.

Katie dealt with a plethora of events, including a run-in with a grizzly bear, as illustrated by husband @lebigfun:

Also watched an important documentary on Netflix called The Mask You Live In about masculinity and the dangers of the phrase “Be a man.” A must-watch:

On to the topic at hand: Fashion School: Stitch and Bitch. Hold on tight for some personal reminiscence from all the Hags as we trip down memory lane.


There are not a lot of fashion schools in Canada and each of us did quite a bit of research before arriving at the school we chose. There are many ways to enter the Fashion industry and going to school is only one way of doing it.
For example, a degree program (Bachelor) is a 4 year program that gives you a more generally-rounded education that usually requires a portfolio for acceptance. There is only one in Vancouver (Kwantlen Polytechnic University). A diploma program (which the Hags all chose) is a shorter program that is more hands-on and more fast-tracked. It gets you a diploma instead of a degree but depending on where you want to go, can easily be enough to open the right doors.
PS – a job is never guaranteed at the end of it, regardless of the education you acquire.


PPS – Katie’s blog (redbirdsuite.com) was started as a chronicle for the fashion school experience so if you are interested in how it looks, give it a read. It is from a few years ago but if you start here on Day 1, you can follow along. Shameless plug.


Being in fashion school can be both tremendously frustrating but also a source of great pride. Abby found great frustration in digital pattern drafting, using programs that look like this:


as well as just the sheer fact of sharing a workspace with other students (which can be a fucking NIGHTMARE).



But her final collection, Spotty Recollections, was a source of major pride, because it is fucking awesome and she and everyone else knows it:



photos courtesy of Searching For Style, photographed by Matthew Burditt, styled by Deanna Palkowski


Evan’s collection featured colour and it was fucking gorgeous too:



Katie’s final collection was likewise a source of pride but not as much as the portfolio itself:



Photos courtesy of Searching For Style, photographed by Matthew Burditt, styled by Deanna Palkowski

(The story about the snaps is here.)


What a trip down memory lane! If you have any proud moments of fashion school (or fucking nightmares that are totally worth sharing) please feel free to drop us a line or comment below and we’ll mention them on the show (if you want). We love that shit.

We will also talk again about fashion school in a bit more detail in future episodes so let us know what you want to hear about.


Katie has been searching feverishly for the right pair of shoes for the wedding party. These are not them:


Neither are these monstrosities (egad):

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.05.22 AM.png

The struggle is real.

Evan is obsessed with the podcast You Must Remember This

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.07.58 AM.png

Check it on iTunes or the website above. It features such good storytelling and throwback glamour and is currently lighting Evan’s fire. (PS – Katie just listened to the Charles Manson series and could NOT STOP. Much excite. Very good.)

Abby’s obsession is the sister brand to H&M called COS. It is Abby’s dream wardrobe factory and there is a new location opening in Vancouver (shit yeaahh). She stopped by a location in LA and nearly died.


Thanks again for listening and apologies again for missing the last episode – we hope you are still tuning in!

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