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Episode 71: Third HAG-iversary! All Obsessions Eleganza Extravaganza!


Our hiatus is over, Abby is in her new house, we are back on track in the new studio. Thank-you for your patience!

Now get ready for an all-obsessions-all-the-time Hag-iversary episode. Buckle up, Hags, we are not holding back.

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Katie got a new tattoo of a dogwood flower for her birthday, fulfilling a long time obsession of Olivia Harrison’s tattoo artwork (that you can find on instagram @fearbear). Thanks Olivia!


Evan is obsessed the new Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Very witchy, somewhat problematic in the portrayal of POC witches, but overall it has not stopped Evan from diving in head first.

Katie is, thanks to Abby, obsessed again with Jezebel’s annual spooky story contest. Oh, and that terrifying story Look At Me that has fucked us both up? Watch it now:

Keeping on the spooky train, Evan is obsessed with the newest season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Check out the trailer, you can see why:

Also knocking about his troubled brain is the new remake of horror movie and Tilda  Swinton mobile Susperia:

Let’s move on from spookytown. Abby is obsessed with NARS satin lip pencil in a slightly darker than real lips lip colour, Rikugien:


Speaking of beauty products, Abby and Katie are both obsessed with hilarious comedian Erin Gibson’s book Feminasty. First of all, if you aren’t listening to podcast Throwing Shade, give it a try and laugh your private parts off. Secondly, if you are a proud feminist lady, you are probably a Feminasty and should probably read this book. Lastly, if you are not a feminist at all, you should definitely read this book and get yourself learned. (PS-Come to her signing in Vancouver on Nov 14!!)


Speaking of books, Katie read Abby’s previous book obsession Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. JUST. SO. GODDAMN. GOOD.


And if you think we are done talking about podcasts, you are hella wrong. Abby is obsessed with cult podcast Heaven’s Gate about, you guessed it, the Heaven’s Gate cult. Not surprisingly, it’s pretty effed up but super interesting. Check the website (www.heavensgate.show) to listen and learn more about it.


Evan is obsessed with podcast Canadaland and specifically about the podcasts about Thunder Bay. It takes a look at the community and how it has become the “home” of many indigenous youths going to school and the repercussions of schooling them away from their people.


As a fan of true crime, Katie has been obsessed with serialized podcast Dr. Death about a  mediocre and terrifying white man who happens to be the worst doctor of all time in a system of buck-passing and spinelessness. Fucking. Freaky.


Shifting away from earholes, Katie has been obsessed with filling her eyeholes with the art of artist Eloise Renouf and her amazing colourful works. Check out her website (eloiserenouf.com) to look at her gallery and connect to her etsy page and follow her on instagram @eloiserenouf to put some beauty in your life. Here’s one of Katie’s favourites:

Evan saw A Star Is Born and is obsessed with the music, but the movie? not so much. But perhaps there is a Best Song nomination for Gaga this year? Probably the only thing in it worth nominating.

Lastly, Abby is obsessed with an old cd she found during the move from the old house to the new house: a DJ set by Andy Smith called The Document. Check out Andy’s website for more info and stream the album and rock the eff out Abby-in-wide-leg-but-not-raver-wide-pants-circa-1998 style!



That’s it. Thanks for listening, Hags! to this episode and all those from the last three years. It is such a thrill to do this podcast and you guys really are the best.

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All the best for the next three years AND BEYOND.


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