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Episode 8: Fashion PR With Ashleigh Said

Episode 8 is our first episode with a guest! We could not be happier about our first guest, Evan Ducharme’s PR guru Asheigh Said!



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First off, Evan teases us about his upcoming collection (without giving too much away, of course…)

Abby did her best to make, do, and mend her fave pair of boots but with no such luck. So she bought a fabulous new pair from the very cool Gravity Pope.



Bye Bye old boots, you were great. HELLO NEW BOOTS!

And here are the INSANE Nicholas Kirkwood platforms. HEART EYES TIL I DIE. But that price tag… YIKES…

VJPV0517 copy.jpg

Katie’s plans for the road trip are coming together thanks to the Mountain Collective Pass that is super affordable and makes a super rad roadmap for two idiots who want to hit the slopes.


Skiing Style Goals

Ashleigh was getting ready for KNOWSHOW, a huge clothing and lifestyle trade show that supports the ski/surf/snow/outdoor markets. Trade shows are a huge part of the industry and is, unlike other trade shows, actually pretty fun.


Fashion PR and Publicity is a massive part of the fashion industry that employs a ton of people and looks like way less work than it is. Let’s get into it!

The topic of PR came to the fore thanks to Kelly Cutrone and her book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside:


BB Kelly Cutrone

The colour orange also came up, at length, in particular this one, from Evan’s Hey Jude collaboration, and how one decision as easy as colour can be worth a lengthy discussion about branding:

hey jude evan.png

Ashleigh got her start with Eco-Fashion Week here in Vancouver where a wonderful partnership with Evan developed (for example, the skirt in the billboard ad below is Evan’s).


Press releases are a big part of publicity and PR – Ashleigh recommends the London Fashion Week website as a great resource to find well-written, inspiring, concise press releases. Check the Press Portal for some insight into what a good press release should look like.

london fashion week.png

One of Ashleigh’s favourite moments in PR was coordinating Evan’s Iconoclast collection and the show at East Van Studios. Time to toot our own horns!

iconoclast show east van studio.jpg

It was at this show that Once Upon A Time star Lana Parilla saw the dress she would wear to TIFF later that year:


As well as the dress she wore on the red carpet for the season 4 premiere of Once Upon A Time:

Our current obsessions this week cover a wide range of beautiful and inspiring.

For instance, Abby introduces us to The Jealous Curator and her podcast Art For Your EarIn particular, the episode with Wayne White – set designer for Pee-Wee Herman, among many other cool things – was burning a hole in her brain and we can see why, based on the trailer for his film Beauty is Embarrassing.


Tiffanie Turner‘s gorgeous, gigantic, paper flowers –


Anthony Zinonos‘ minimalist collages –



Check out her blog for way more art and inspiration as well as the podcasts you are sure to enjoy.

Evan’s discovery of the menswear brand Matthew Miller (@millerdesigns on instagram) became his obsession this week. We can see why.

matthew miller.jpg


Katie got a new wool blanket! A Pendleton National Parks collection Glacier blanket! It is amazing and super soft and is a good enough reason to stay in bed all weekend. PendletonWoolenMills.jpeg

Pendleton ad. Glacier Dec42.jpg

Ashleigh’s obsession is about as far away from Glacier National Park as possible:
Cholo Goth, spotted live in the flesh, in San Francisco.


The band Prayers is a reasonable illustration of the obsession (although not really the music, just the general style). Check out Vice for more.)



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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.


Podcast Episodes

Episode 7: Haute Couture

This week’s episode is all about Haute Couture and how fucking fabulous it is. And also how it maybe isn’t what you think it is because turns out there’s a lot more to it.


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Kylie sets the tone for our Year of Realizing so let’s get into it.


Abby went to Switzerland for Christmas and got a chocolate watch

Found the best @swatch! It looks like chocolate!

A post shared by Abby Shumka (@abbyshumka) on

and tried on a ridiculous Bally down leather coat with Aunt Sheila.



Katie found a pair of second hand Christian Louboutin pumps that may or may not be legit but they fit and they are rad and they were $38.00 so duh.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.44.11 PM.png

Evan went poached a hot tub and pretended to live the dream before going to work like a sucker on Boxing Day.

No for the fun stuff!
Haute Couture: what it means and what it doesn’t mean.
Dressful has a thorough definition with a full breakdown of the legalities.

The documentary series The Day Before (not “The Last 24 Hours” like Katie foolishly thought it was) outlines (among other designers) Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture show and is available on iTunes. Click here for a clip on Sundance TV.


Another great documentary that looks at Haute Couture (as well as it’s very secretive clientele) is BBC’s The Secret World of Haute Couture. Click here for a link!
A great resource for historical fashion/design is the MET Costume Institute and their searchable online database.

The Hags each chose a historical haute couture designer and a contemporary haute couture designer to chat about and swoon over.

First up, Abby chose the House of Madame Gres, who was known for her exquisite draping and glamourous clients –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Yves Saint Laurent! Talented and hella influential. I am SURE you have seen this dress based on Mondrian paintings –



And Le Smoking! A game changer! Here is YSL and Catherine Deneuve chilling in 1966.

1966 Catherine Deneuve avec Yves Saint Laurent.jpg

Definition of “chic as FUCK”

Evan chose (not surprisingly) Cristobal Baleniciaga –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Balenciaga was incredible…I was madly infatuated with his clothes. His clothes were devastating. One fainted. One simply blew up and died.” – Diana Vreeland

Katie chose Charles James, “America’s First Couturier” and his iconic work in the States for Hollywood big shots and other fancy-as-fuck ladies.

vogue cj

super famous photo by Cecil Beaton of Charles James’ work


James was a very technical designer and his gowns were often much more complicated than they appeared. Check out the “Clover Dress”, for example:


The MET Museum has a wealth of information and images on Charles James (including a terrific video outlining some of the ways the MET exhibited the structural and sculptural elements of his designs. Check out the Charles James Exhibition page at the MET website.




Fave contemporary designers include:

for Katie: Jean Paul Gaultier – Master of Tailoring, King of Rock n’ Roll Fashion


Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour and iconic cone bra

Some select looks from Spring 2015 Couture

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Some select looks from Spring 2013 Couture

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Some select looks from Fall 2010 Couture

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Vogue.com has a great library of all JPG’s shows going back to 2002. Check it out here and give yourself a couple hours. There are many many more shows to look at so go find something you like!

Abby went a little crazy. I think she likes couture…

Giambattista Valli Couture – flirty, feminine, with plenty of volume and texture. Already a master! CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Iris Van Irpen –  3D printing meet fashion in the most glorious, out of sight ways. Vogue.com has her RTW stuff, but a google image search is all you need.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bouchra Jarrar – simple lines, amazing materials and fab motorcycle jackets out the whazoo. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evan chose a recently resurrected Spanish brand called Delpozo; click for link to website, but shut off your speakers to avoid unwanted background music! (as we found out during this episode)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Current Obsessions!

Evan, still, is obsessed with Adele. The shows sold out in 10 minutes and we could not get tickets! Weep weep, cry cry, help help!
So, we are sending out Adele vibes to the universe to get two tickets somehow to Vancouver or Seattle so that Evan can finally sleep again. Universe! We beg you!


Abby’s pissed at Disney for leaving Rey out of the Star Wars action figures and toys. WTAF, Disney?



Also, for some reason, Gilmore Girls.


Katie made some homemade wine! The Basic Bitch Barolo. Those 25 bottles should be gone by February.
Label designed by @lebigfun.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.58.13 PM.png

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Remember: keep your pants on, it’s only fashion.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 4: The Hags’ Favourite Films

This week’s episode is all about film in fashion – two of our favourite things – and gets a bit silly. Evan gets witchy at a Film Fest event, Abby goes to a vintage fashion show and is on TV, and Katie gets the crap scared out of her in the woods.


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Starting off, what have the Hags been up to?

Evan participates in the  Vancouver International Film Fest and the Style in Film series featuring documentary The True Cost.


Also, witches and a freaked out Mormon missionary. And a Blood Moon!

Abby went on tv for Global News because she’s a big deal. And her spotlight was completely usurped by her adorable daughter, Margot.

IMG_7866 copy.JPG

IMG_7504 copy.JPG

She also attended a great event in Vancouver by Ivan Sayers that makes fashion fans drool: Ivan Sayer’s Favorite Things hosted by SMOC (The Society for the Museum of Original Costume). Follow this link to see the full album!



This fantastic wedding gown from the 1930s with a 10ft train and a sad, sad story.


Katie took a mini vacation up the Sunshine Coast and encountered (hopefully) a frightened beaver (or jerks) in a swamp of terror.




Now the fun stuff: fashion in films! Our favourites, at least. We get real excited, you guys.

For Abby, it was the 1995 masterpiece abomination, Showgirls.


Dee Lite!

The 90’s Vegas in all it’s made up “glamour” and SO MUCH LIP GLOSS



Evan and Abby shared some love over the 90’s Classic Clueless


This is an Alaia!


Evan’s true film noir favourites, Sunset Boulevard


and Suddenly, Last Summer

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER - American Poster 5



and the white bathing suit


and Chinatown

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.27.49 PM

Katie got riled up about anything Wes Anderson, especially The Royal Tenenbaums (costume design by Karen Patch)


Margot and Richie forever


as well as The Life Aquatic (costumes designed by Milena Canonero)



The Grand Budapest Hotel (costumes also by Milena Canonero)



Dick Tracy

1990 dick tracy (25)

Baz Lurhman and his costume-designing wife Catherine Martin, partnering on Hag faves like The Great Gatsby



Moulin Rouge


Strictly Ballroom


All-time fave, The Fifth Element, costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier


and the sketches by JPG are amazing


Leeloo as a dog


Leeloo as a person (Milla Jovovich)


Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod



Current Obsessions:

Katie: Astro van/Mystery Mobile/Adventure Mobile



Evan: Empire and all the fur


Abby: Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love literary fame) and her podcast Magic Lessons. Also check out her TED Talk about creativity, genius, and art.

Shout out to Michelle Carter for our amazing soundtrack and to @lebigfun for the logo illustration. Also Dave Shumka (who is his own person) for all the other things.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Meet the Hags! And Chat Fashion Shows

Welcome to the Fashion Hags Podcast!

This blog is your guide to each episode as they are released so you can follow along (or not, you do you).
Feel free to follow the links, comment (nicely) as you see fit, and join the conversation.

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Here’s what happened in Episode 1:


We are all hopped up on adrenaline and vodka, ready to record!

The Fashion Industry and what the big deal is:

fashion united stats

Global Statistics for the Fashion Industry. It’s not just about being pretty.

Click the photo to get to the source (courtesy of fashionunited.com)


Evan Ducharme Studio (he’s not just a charming host!)


evan ducharme

Introduction to the Hags: Katie, Evan and Abby and how they met in Fashion School. The phrase “meet cute” fits the bill perfectly.

fashion school museum of florence

Fashion School.

October 2010 Vogue Magazine featuring Carrie Mulligan.


Episode Topic: Fashion Shows

Why they are kind of dumb but we still love them always and forever.  Celebrity nonsense, the immense amount of work that goes into them, and a bunch of other highly valuable information interspersed with tangents and swear words.

celebrity front row

 Current Obsessions

Evan: Valentino’s Resort 2016 collection featuring work by Metis artist Christi Belcourt and her work Water Song


Read about it on The Globe and Mail
or read about it on APTN
or read about it on CBC

and check out the beautiful designs it inspired:


Katie: the 1991 Documentary Paris Is Burning (which is available in its entirety on Youtube):

paris is burning blog pic

Mad wisdom from Drag Mother to all Dorian Corey

baji girl blog

Expand your cultural vocabulary! (You’re welcome BTW)

Abby: Viktor and Rolf’s Fall 2015 Couture Collection



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